Blockchaining Informal Economies in Africa - For Machine Learning / Social Physics?

Listen to these two clips - one is 2 minutes, one is 4 minutes

They were targeting Kenya in 2018. I think the goal is machine learning on social transactions.

Ian Grigg from the recent crypto skeptic webinar is with Mattereum internet of agreements. The head of Mattereum, Vinay Gupta in second clip, presented remotely at Mormon Transhumanist Conference.

So now Cardano’s focus on Africa is coming into focus. They are trying to digitize and model traditional communal relations for swarm intelligence. At least I think that’s what they’re doing.

Original here:…

Blockchain Arbitration / Smart Contracts Mattereum Paper:… The plan is for machines to be the neutral arbiters NOT community elders.………

Original here:… Consider that the tokenization of transactions is also to track and predict outcomes using social physics. As such Global South non-digital community-based economies will be targeted for containment within digital enclosures for machine learning.

Notice in the first clip the interviewer is wearing magenta dress @stephers.

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@AMcD I saw the magenta coding immediately.

I need to catch up on this crypto skeptic webinar. Will get there. This is super crucial information.


After four and a half years of iGaming industry experience with Casino City, Becky Liggero Fontana joined Bitcoin Entrepreneur and Economic Envoy to the Government of Antigua Calvin Ayre to serve as the Head On-site Reporter for the Calvin Ayre Media Group. Since August 2009, Becky has exclusively conducted interviews with senior level executives and enthusiasts for and while continuing to travel the world and document her adventures for all to watch and read.

Vinay Gupta


Vinay Gupta is Founder and CEO of Mattereum. He is a leading figure in the blockchain space, having coordinated the release of the blockchain platform Ethereum in July 2015, and was a strategic architect for ConsenSys Systems, a technology hub focusing on the Ethereum blockchain and related applications. (my emphasis)

He helped architect the National Blockchain Strategy for Dubai. He has been involved in commercial software development since 1992, with long stints in energy policy and defence think tanks, and his experience as a programmer and visionary has covered fields as diverse as medical imaging, flight simulation, cryptographic applications and the web, as well as energy policy, disaster relief, and grand strategy for poverty alleviation. (my emphasis)

A Renaissance man and futurist interested in the technological transformation of society and commerce, Vinay has a strong track record of thought leadership in environmental and infrastructure risk, failing states, energy policy (with five years at the Rocky Mountain Institute) and disaster management. (my emphasis)

He was on the editorial team of Small is Profitable, the winner of the 2003 Economist Book of the Year, and has contributed to US Department of Defense research, advised Arup on urban resilience and was associate fellow at the UCl Institute for Security and Resilience. (my emphasis)

He has long had a humanitarian concern with the condition of the poorest in society and disaster relief. He invented the cheap, simple, non-patented and open-source hexayurt refugee shelter which has gone on to become iconic in the Burning Man counter-culture. In his techno-realist view, technology and engineering, including blockchain, can contribute to positive social and commercial transformation and help deal with resource scarcity.

Hexayurts - Gupta’s invention 13 models, 13!

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Michael Kimani - Co-Founder, Head of Growth, Africa - LinkedIn](

Michael Kimani is an African entrepreneur & storyteller. Activity I recently drove from a site visit in Kisumu back to home in Nairobi. 345km is likely to have been Kenya’s longest journey by EV so far.

Michael Kimani Kioneki is a storyteller and entrepreneur from East Africa. He is presently a co-founder at Fonbnk, where he heads growth for the Africa region.

Michael’s claim to fame is accelerating Africa’s technology startup ecosystem through:

  • Community building a network in East Africa from 10 to 100,000 people that directly influenced blockchain policies by Kenyan and Ugandan governments.
  • Growth hacking hundreds of thousands of users for Africa’s leading crypto gateways such as Paxful, and Localbitcoins in East Africa, contributing to Africa’s pole position in peer-to-peer transactions globally.
  • Product innovation for 1 million + users for companies like Visa, Koko Networks, Zippie on digital products and platforms including a blockchain IDentity registry for SMEs project for an African government.
  • Ongoing advisory for venture funds, companies, licensed financial institutions, and public blockchain distributed organization on African market entry strategies. For example Mercy Corps Ventures, Coinbase, tier 1 Banks in East Africa, and Ethereum, EOS Foundation and Stellar Development Foundation (SDF).
  • Storytelling, specifically on crypto, blockchain and fintech resulted in 30 million + combined impressions with over 10% engagement rate on leading global publications such as Coindesk and NPR.
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“By using storytelling to educate readers about blockchain technology, we hope to inspire millions of African youth to imagine alternative futures and create them by providing them with the training and tools to create it,” says Connelly.

Trust Is Generously Funded By


Conflux logo-100.jpg




Set in an alternative African community, Trust is the story of Moraa, a young activist who travels back to her ancestral homeland, Wahengaland, to visit her ailing grandmother. Upon her arrival, Moraa is entrusted with the powerful Wahenga necklace to save their comunity from the clutches of the corrupt Uncle Max and his destructive corporation, Max Industries. Moraa uses the power of blockchain technology to save her community and transform it for the future.

By using storytelling to educate readers about blockchain technology we hope to inspire millions of African youth to imagine alternative futures and create them by providing them with the training and tools to create it. The book will link to educational partners across the continent to help readers take the next step to becoming crypto users, entrepreneurs, and developers.

To achieve our goal of reaching 1 million African youth, the book will be free to read and available in a mobile-first digital format. We will share the book widely through the networks of our tech and education partners. It launches in early 2022.

Chief Nyamweya

Chief Nyamweya is Kenyan writer and illustrator best known for his masterfully ink-illustrated Graphic Novels. His works address history, science and most recently, the future of education in his latest book Art of Unlearning (2018) which draws on his experiences as a student of Singularity University in Silicon Valley. Chief is the co-founder of Freehand Studios, an African visual arts and education company that creates socially impactful content and experiences.

In 2015, Chief was curator of ‘Ink and Pixels - A history of graphic art in Kenya’ exhibition in conjunction with the Goethe Institute which described him as “an autodidact who borrows from a wide palette of influences and an expansive suite of mediums." Chief is a lawyer and chartered accountant by training and recently listed on Business Daily Africa’s 2019 list of ‘Top 40 under 40 Men’.

Anne Connelly

Anne Connelly is passionate about harnessing blockchain technology to transform the lives of people in developing countries. Anne is Faculty at Boston University and Singularity University, teaching global leaders how exponential technologies can solve problems that impact over a billion people. She has been an active part of the global blockchain community since 2012 as an entrepreneur, investor and educator. She previously ran Amply, a blockchain for social impact company in South Africa. (my emphasis)

In her early career, Anne worked with Doctors Without Borders Canada in Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and served on their board of directors. She has a BScH from Queen’s University, an MBA from McMaster University, and a Fintech Certificate from MIT. She was honoured as one of the Fifty Most Inspirational Women in Technology in Canada.


Their project launches tomorrow (September 21, 2022)?!

See here:

Valeria Graziani

Sep 19, 2022

In the Singularity community, our stories are uniquely different, but we all arrive at the same goal – to create impact. The convergence of innovative people at our programs is what makes our community so transformative. That’s exactly what happened at an SU program in 2016, where Kenyan artist Chief Nyamweya met Canadian blockchain entrepreneur Anne Connelly. They connected over their passion for technology and the ability of storytelling to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“Young Africans are hungry for a vision of an African future rooted in trust, sustainability and freedom from unaccountable state power. A desire to satisfy this hunger with a story of a practicable grassroots alternative led us to create a transmedia project called, ‘TRUST.’” says Nyamweya, also the co-founder of Freehand Studios.

TRUST’ features a graphic novel, motion comic and NFT collection. Set in a fictional African Republic, TRUST is a gripping story of a young whistleblower, Moraa, who uncovers a plot by one of the most powerful men in the country to illegally acquire the oil-rich Olorur Valley in Wahengaland. With the help of her community and blockchain technology, she goes on a perilous journey to protect her homeland - the last autonomous region in the country - from cultural and ecological destruction at the hands of the ruthless oligarch, Max. Along their journey, they learn about the power of blockchain to organize, fundraise and transform their future.

Trust Graphic Novel Cover Image

To make understanding blockchain concepts easier, they have woven use cases for the technology right into the storyline. The book will also link to educational partners across the continent to help readers take the next step to becoming crypto users, entrepreneurs and developers of the future.

Nyamweya adds, “graphic novels and motion comics can be used as both entertainment and educational tools that allow readers and viewers to use visual elements to support the synthesis of complex concepts.”

Their goal? To reach 1 million African youth and share the potential impact of decentralization. To reach that goal, they have put accessibility at the forefront of their launch. The book will be completely free to read and available in easy-to-download pdfs and in mobile-first digital formats on platforms like Kindle and Webtoons. In addition, the motion comic will be available across YouTube and social media.

“We have received support from blockchain communities including Algorand Foundation, Interchain Foundation, Gitcoin Grants, Consensys, Cardano Foundation, Conflux Network, the Graph Foundation, the Foundation for Art and Blockchain and Africalia – a sign that there is support for TRUST’s vision from across the industry,” says Connelly, who is an expert with Singularity.

Diversity and equality in blockchain are necessary for bigger, better and more varied ideas when using technology to transform our collective future. 'TRUST’ was made to show African youth a new and exciting way to grab ahold of their future and ultimately fill them with purpose. Everyone deserves opportunities to access resources, including technology, for the good of their communities and the world. To change the world, we must first educate, acknowledge that diversity and equality breed new and different ideas and trust the youth to build a better and brighter future.

“By using storytelling to educate readers about blockchain technology, we hope to inspire millions of African youth to imagine alternative futures and create them by providing them with the training and tools to create it,” says Connelly.

Join Anne and Chief on this exciting ride as they launch their novel and inspire millions. Read about the adventures of Moraa as you learn about blockchain technology and the role it plays in real change. Don’t miss out on the motion comic that will bring the story to life, and be sure to browse the NFT collection to help support local blockchain education initiatives. The project launches on September 21st, and details can be found on their website,


Insta: @freehandstudioske

Twitter: @trustgraphic

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@AMcD @jenlake

Anagram of “moraa” (blockchain activist “hero” in Trust – see above):


Aroma is a conscious and sustainable communication agency that looks for the real story behind people and translates this into the right sustainable communication tools, technology, material, and design. In this way, the communicated message brings about the best possible impact.


Become a Certified Impact Analyst

Our free sustainability training gives you the skills to assess environmental and social impact.
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See my write up on Anne Connelley of IXO - Amply from 2018 regarding impact verification using IoT and oracles.

So there are a lot of projects out there that would provide with cook stoves, these little mini-stoves that they can use instead. That’s great. But say from the perspective of an impact investor who wants to know how many tons of carbon have I pulled out of the atmosphere because of these stoves, the only information they can really get is that the stove was delivered or that it wasn’t. And with applications like the IXO protocol what you can end up doing is say getting an IoT (Internet of Things) cook stove that can transmit data every time it’s being used, every time it’s turned on or off. Then the impact investors can know exactly how much carbon they’ve eliminated from the environment and they then have access to carbon credits and health credits as a result of this.

Rosic: So your major play is to try to evolve and integrate all these IoT with things…

Connelly: Yes, that’s the goal. We really want to try and take humans out of creation of the impact claims and evaluation of the claims as much as possible, and this is for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it enables you to get a higher quality and a higher volume of data. We call it high-resolution data, and it also helps eliminate fraud in this process. And so as much as you can try to incorporate data into things, and it becomes a great feedback loop, too. Where you get this amount of data that can come back and help with the evaluation of future impact claims.

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Freehand Studios

Set in an alternative African future, Trust is the story of Moraa, a young activist who travels back to her ancestral homeland to save it from the disruptive Max Industries corporation. This project was only made possible by the tireless efforts of our brilliant team: Created by: Chief Nyamweya & Anne Connelly Directed by: Chief Nyamweya Animation Director: Manuel Akatsa Illustration: Chief Nyamweya Animatic: Manuel Akatsa Animated by: Tim Mumali Sound Design: Tim Mumali Produced by: Sarah Mallia / Freehand Studios And our talented voice actors: Ngwatilo Mawiyoo as Moraa Sitawa Namwalie as Magokoro Eddy Kimani as Uncle Max Big thanks to AFRICALIA for supporting the creation of the teaser. Share far and wide! Visit us at:

The Elephant Temple is a key location in the TRUST universe - our latest story project. This behind the scenes footage shows our team member, digital artist and wildlife filmmaker, Eshitera Akatsa sculpting the Elephant Temple in the VR software Medium using the Oculus Rift. VR sculpting is potentially revolutionary for the animation process as it reduces conventional sculpting times for animators by a factor of 10 as compared with conventional 2D sculpting tools.

This video was shared at the NEWF Virtual Congress 2020 which brought together cutting edge wildlife filmmakers and digital artists from Africa, India and beyond.

VR Sculptor - Eshitera Akatsa
Music - Tim Mumali


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Re Ian Grigg’s Ricardian Contracts (smart contracts with legal infrastructure) - Harmony (also doing UBI) is investing in Ricardian Fabric to connect Trad-Fi with De-Fi.

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This says Grigg contracts in use since 1996.

What’s behind the name “Ricardo”?

138 Mill St, Westwood, MA - Near “Satan’s Kingdom”

Later Aiken, SC and Venice, FL

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Mattereum and Riccardian Contracts in Smart Cities @ldaven

Enter Mattereum

“Mattereum’s multidisciplinary team aims to build the legal–technical interface connecting the abstract software world of blockchains and smart contracts with goods and services in the material world. While there have been many conceptualizations of the Internet as a separate jurisdiction from the geopolitical borders we impose upon the world, the truth is that property rights — from land to copyright — are enforced by nation-states (fiat property). Every constituent project of the smart city will have to fit into an existing body of law.”

Delamination think Neal Stephenson venture Laminar

" Ultimately, what Mattereum seeks to accomplish with these hybrid contracts is to minimize the risk of delamination , in which the technical and legal aspects of the contract become incompatible even if each component is valid in its own domain. To embed a smart contract within a city, it must be engineered with respect to the legal and technical reality of whatever context it is built into, and be adaptable and reparable over time."

OK - so Mattereum was pitching Ocean Protocol in 2018. Clearly Diehl must have know all about it.

" One project that is developing a protocol to curtail the centralization of data mining for AIs is Ocean Protocol. Their protocol involves a sophisticated set of operations including Proofed Curation Markets and specialized data marketplaces to create more connected data supply chains. “Data is the new oil,” as they say. Like oil, the resource must go through many steps of mining, refinement, and allocation to be of any use to data consumers, namely algorithms run by companies. Ocean is built on a tokenized ecosystem that incentivizes the inclusion of good actors and generation of quality data. Rather than have a monolithic data marketplace, the protocol will facilitate the creation of many data marketplaces for specific areas. These could be more localized data sets for automated transport, energy usage, etc. Ocean is currently looking to Mattereum as an opt-in arbitration service which these marketplaces can plug into in the case of a dispute, such as a user contesting a claim on IP, among other situations."

Heads-up @leo Ocean with Mattereum as arbitration service 2018

Diehl is such a liar. Like he doesn’t understand use cases for blockchain. How does anyone believe anything this guy says? Total fabrication of false “resistance.” Bitcoin and crypto as scapegoats as they roll out the open air mixed reality prison.


Notable people[edit]

Ok, another odd thing. The other address given for Costonis is in Aiken, SC. The address is a short drive from the Savannah River Ecological Lab (US Department of Energy). @leo

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See TRITIUM and heavy water (deuterium) references! (we were just talking about tritium and heavy water!) . . .

Savannah River Plant[edit]

The United States Atomic Energy Commission’s selection of a site near Aiken for a plant to produce fuel for thermonuclear weapons was announced on November 30, 1950. Residences and businesses at Ellenton, South Carolina, were bought for use for the plant site. Residents were moved to New Ellenton, which was constructed about eight miles north, or to neighboring towns.

The site was named the Savannah River Plant, and renamed the Savannah River Site in 1989. The facility contains five production reactors, fuel fabrication facilities, a research laboratory, heavy water production facilities, two fuel reprocessing facilities, and tritium recovery facilities.

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