What get's left out

Train yourself to see what is left out of the story.

The false reality of digital media is generated through careful editing.

Editing is a very effective Metaverse weapon.

Many content creators work in the shadows of plausible deniability, which is why it is important to be clear about your understanding of the nature of the problems we are facing. As you come to understand it, be sure the content creators and movement leaders you follow know that you are clear about it. Hold them accountable with respect to the stories they put out and the content that remains untouched.

If crucial aspects of the CIA-hedge fund-ecumenical mind control mixed reality game they are forcing us to build as an open air “green” “social justice” delusional prison are constantly missing - ask why.

If you don’t get a solid answer move on.

Once you do, you will be more of an “expert” than they imagine themselves to be.