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So, one of the site visits we did was the Walter Russell museum in Waynesboro, VA. Russell was a polymath who had a 4th-grade education, went through art school and became the White House sculptor under FDR. He had a huge network, was involved in real estate development including housing cooperatives in NYC, and was a management consultant to IBM, to boot. Later in his life he had some download about the universe and created many drawings and diagrams about light and optics. In the museum was a model of a high-efficiency power generator, and supposedly he gave the plans for it to NORAD. I bought a book of his on light, but I haven’t read it yet. When looking up Russell and NORAD I found this PDF. Hard to say for sure if it is authentic, but the scans include a few letters on Raytheon letterhead. The contact was in Colorado Springs, CO. @Jason_Bosch @Stephers

Mulberger referenced - seemed to be a WWII Air Force veteran later involved in advertising in Milwaukee.

Walter Russell’s lecture on “two-way thinking” delivered to IBM.

“I believe Mr. Watson is helping to unfold the design of life in this dangerous age. I believe that Mr. Watson’s only way of spreading this doctrine of internationalism, which must lead to a unitary civilization someday, is to first balance his machine building power with an equal man-building power. This would multiply IBM and balance the Watsonian Principle. It would then spread that principle throughout the world to raise the standard of ethics.”

One letter references conversations with Dr. Page. I believe this is Robert Morris Page of the Office of Naval Research, a physicist with an interest in radar and spirituality.

Numerous references in the letters to General Ethan Chapman of NORAD.

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This makes me think about the interest in molecular engineers into unlocking the secrets of photosynthesis using radio-isotopes. @leo


More on Russell.


“It is because I always looked for the CAUSE behind things and didn’t fritter away my time analyzing EFFECTS,” he replied. “ALL KNOWLEDGE EXISTS as CAUSE. And it is simple. It is limited to LIGHT of MIND and the electric wave of motion which records God’s thinking in matter.”

“Thus I was made to see the universe as a whole and its simple principle of creation as one unit, repeated over and over, endlessly and without variation, as evidenced in the universal heart-beat to which every pulsing thing in the light-wave universe is geared to act as ONE UNIT OF ONE WHOLE.”

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Page, who held 75 patents on inventions in precision electronics, developed the first radar duplexer capable of using a single antenna for transmitting and receiving. He invented the monopulse tracking radar, which is still the preferred approach for precision tracking radars and for military applications. He also obtained the patent on the widely used plan position indicator (PPI) radar display, which provides the location and direction of a target on a maplike presentation that is easy to interpret. Page conceived and initiated the first successful demonstration of high-frequency over-the-horizon (HF OTH) radar, whose propagating waves are refracted by the Earth’s ionosphere. The detection of ships, aircraft, and ballistic missiles was thereby extended out to about 3,200 km (2,000 miles), approximately 10 times the range of microwave radars, which are limited to the line of sight by the horizon.


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While the site content will attempt to uncover a lot of the mystery of Walter’s Cosmology, it is intended to be used in conjunction with Walter’s published writings. I am afraid there is no magic bullet with this material. Your own DESIRE must be strong and you have to walk your own path to new knowledge.

I wish to develop a robust model of Walter Russell’s wave/wave field theory, and then utilise the theory as a basis for transmutation and free energy. This model is in constant flux. That’s not to say earlier versions are incorrect. Rather they are incomplete. A new understanding revealed in the radial model may help fine tune the cubic model. Those re-tunings in turn help develop another aspect of the overall cosmology model. The unfortunate consequence for you the reader is that the page content changes regularly

Generally, students are drawn to his wave, in the hope of finding some quick insight into Natural Law. I guess they do this in the hope of finding an easy route to a ‘theory of every thing’ and limitless free energy. While these may be noble goals, the problems begin mainly because students search outside of themselves for all the answers. Walter’s approach involves an acquaintance with the inner self.

The purpose of many ancient spiritual disciplines is to quieten the brain chatter, and unplug from the simulation so that one’s awareness can focus inwards. Stillness becomes the desired state rather than participation in simulated motion. when the veil is lifted, one can then ‘see’ the simulation for what is truly is, rather than what science believes it to be.

I spent many years on that external quest. It was however, only when I made a conscious change in the direction of my own studies that I began to get a better understanding of Walter himself and his own struggle to find the best method to impart his knowledge and teachings. I can change the content on a daily basis but he had to get it right first time for his publications

Walter’s Cosmology spans both the physical 3D sensed simulated reality and the unsensed metaphysical true reality. Our task is to correctly interpret what we observe in our sensed reality and to begin to learn about the true reality which we probably up until now never even knew existed. One difficulty with Walter’s text is that his description can drift from the physical to the metaphysical with no obvious indication that he has done so. This can lead to many hours trying to understand an expression in the physical 3D when Walter is actually referring to something that pertains to the metaphysical aspect of the Creation Idea.

Here you go @Stephers - I actually picked up a hardcopy of this book at the museum.

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P. 20-21

Every happening anywhere happens everywhere. The milkweek fluff floating lazily in the summer sky affects the balance of the whole universe of suns and galaxies. Every part of the universe moves in interdependent unison as the wheels of a watch move in unison. The watch wheels are geared together mechanically. The rhythmic wave universe is geared together electrically.

The entire universe is one and must be kept in balance as one Changes of condition in any one part are simultaneously reflected in every other part, and are sequentially repeated in it.

"say thou these things in words of man’s knowing, for, verily I say, I am within all things, without all things, and involved in all things, for I am everywhere.

"All things are ommpresent, for all things extend from Mind of Me, and I am omnipresent.

"All ommpresent things are omniscient, for I am within them, and I am omniscient. When man’s consciousness telleth him of My presence within and without him he will then kow all things, for I know all things, and I am he.

"All thinking things manifesteth all power when consciousness within them recognizeth their omnipotence. Until then, things are naught but things, manifesting me not, being but blank slates upon which to write My mighty thoughts for blind eyes.

"For I am omnipotent. I give all power to him who asketh but no one may ask of Me who is not aware of Me. See thou to it that man well knoweth that, and manifest thou thyself that principle of power in thine own works.

"For I say to all the imaged forms of My imagining, that power lieth in them to manifest the balanced Light which centereth them, by making the One Light appear as two unbalanced lights which interchange sequentially but equally.

"and again I say that all things which man senseth are but waves of dual light which record My electric thinking in the imagined forms of My imagining.

“And also I say that the imagined forms of My imagining have no Being, for I alone have Being.” From…The Divine Iliad