University of Twente

So University of Twenete is building the ARISE biosurvallaince/taxonomy/AI platform which aims to catalogue every multicellular organism in the Netherlands (DNA, behavior, ect ,ect)

Here a link to ARISE feel free to ask about that too, but mainly wanted to share about UT here.
ARISE: knowing Nature in the Netherlands | Naturalis

ARISE aside, they do alot of intense stuff over there

@AMcD since you asked

The MESA+ nanocenter is the largest nanotech lab in the Netherlands. Link above is their piezo electric research center.

Center for brain inspired nanosystems.

Honestly I would recommend just perusing around, there are all sorts of rabbit holes to fall into. Lots of soft robotics, fluidics, photonics, and related fields.

“Organ on a chip center”

Paper on “the rise of intelligent matter”
The rise of intelligent matter | Nature


Thank you @leo!