UN SDGs and Fungal Networks

So gross.

“Fig. 4 The Quorn™ fermentation process. A continuous supply of medium is fed into the fermenter and the broth is harvested simultaneously. The harvested broth is heated to a temperature that destroys proteases but leaves RNAses active, allowing the RNA content of the mycelium to be reduced to less than 2%, which is a regulatory requirement. Once the broth has been heat-treated, the mycelium is spun down to form a paste, which is mixed with binders and favouring agents before being shaped, cooked and frozen. The supernatant from the paste is currently sent for treatment as wastewater, but active research at Marlow Foods is looking into how the 1.5% solids in the waste can be recovered as a food grade co-product.”

See participants in this whitepaper - connections to Vienna among others

Table 3 Participants of the meeting
Arnold Driessen University of Groningen
Arthur Ram Leiden University
Bernhard Seiboth Technische Universität Wien
Bertram Schmidt Technische Universität Berlin
Carsten Pohl Technische Universität Berlin
Charlotte Steiniger Technische Universität Berlin
Charlie Cairns Technische Universität Berlin
Christian de Lutz Art Laboratory Berlin
David Canovas University of Seville
Derek Carr Kerry Group
Eric Record French National Institute for Agriculture,
Food and the Environment
Erzébet Fekete University of Debrecen
Gerhard Braus University of Göttingen
Guliano Sciara French National Institute for Agriculture,
Food and the Environment
Han Wösten Utrecht University
Hans van den Brink Chr. Hansen A/S
Istvan Posci University of Debrecen
Jens Frisvad Technical University of Denmark
Jolanda van Munster University of Manchester
Kristiina Hilden University of Helsinki
Levente Karafa University of Debrecen
Marja Paloheimo Roal Oy
Mark Caddick University of Liverpool
Miia Mäkelä University of Helsinki
Michael Csukai Syngenta
Nada Kraševec National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia
Nancy Keller University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nina Gunde-Cimerman University of Ljubljana
Nefertiti Campos Puratos
Oded Yarden Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Peter Punt DutchDNA
Philip Ross MycoWorks
Philipp Benz Technical University of Munich
Rasmus Frandsen Technical University of Denmark
Regine Rapp Art Laboratory Berlin
Rob Johnson Quorn Foods
Rolando Perez Stanford University
Ronald de Vries Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute
Stefan Haefner BASF SE
Tabea Schütze Technische Universität Berlin
Thomas Haarmann AB Enzymes
Ufe Mortensen Technical University of Denmark
Vera Meyer Technische Universität Berlin
Volha Shapaval Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Wolfgang Hinterdobler Austrian Institute of Technology
Yitzhak Hadar Hebrew University of Jerusalem