Trying to go live re Laura Arrillaga Andreessen and Techno-Philanthropy


It is always best for me to see a person live to get a feel for their true demeaner. Here is Laura in action telling us her grand plan. Anne Wojcicki and Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen on a New Vision for Philanthropy - YouTube. And here Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Wants to Teach You How to Give
The double cross and constant finger, hand flying gestures is telling and deceptively strategic to draw you in. She is a super good looking woman, who was most likely chosen because of her appearance. Groomed for the roll by her billionaire father John Arrillaga and other friends of Empire to be the up front person on this topic.
John Arrillaga, longtime Stanford philanthropist and Silicon Valley real estate developer, dies at 84 - Stanford Report
I doubt her vision of the new philanthropy was her own brain child idea to help save the world. And yes the Reddit thread regarding the multi family story is suspect as Reddit is not the best place to get credible information. Laura’s fathers Wikipedia bio offered up the multi family story also (Interesting) and directed you to this article in The Atlantic. I think it is more about continued reading of other distractive articles offered by the source that published the initial story. The Billionaire’s Dilemma - The Atlantic
The alt online space constantly uses this tactic to direct you to a specific online site for continued reading of other distractive, consuming, go nowhere rabbit hole stories.


Thanks Gino. I touch on John Arrillaga’s backstory in my series on refugees. I’ve been anxious to hear from people what they think of my analysis. This is part of a four-part sub-series within the Berggruen project. Wellness Metrics, Teaching Machines To “Live” (With Us) – Synthetic Pretenders Part 15D – Wrench in the Gears

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Thank you Alison. Heavy duty stuff. My mind is mush right now. It is real though, what you speak, just need time for it to digest. I have to figure out how I can get my daughter Megan who just got married on the weekend and will be starting as a elementary school teacher soon, to take a deep dive into the digital education space they have planned, or if she even understands what is going on.
Looks like I have some teaching work ahead of me too. Wish me luck.

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Starting to get the blockchain impacted measurement picture Alison. This video helped me understand blockchain impacted measurement a little more. This Shaun Conway person maybe be the Elon Musk of blockchain impact measurement. Thoughts please. Entrepreneur Building A Blockchain For Impact Measurement
How forests are measured is still beyond my comprehension. Speculation here guys - Maybe the millions upon millions of gallons of toxic noneffective fire retardant that has been dropped for decades on nature has some to do with it. This US air force tanker system is the latest innovation in fire fighting, which could have a due purpose use. Coulson Aviation C 130 Tank System - YouTube (Chemtrails the other purpose) What ever is sprayed out of these tanker systems, be it retardant, or chemtrail dust it is possible that it is full of detectable nanoparticles, which can be detected by various satellites built by NASA Video: Impression of Webb's journey to space. The L2 orbit missions and the fire retardant missions could be just a cover to keep an eye on earth and to measure nature. Measuring nature for impact markets may have something to do with it among many other things. I know this is way out there guys, but I never take anything military says at face value.