The Long Game - How Crypto-Skeptics Are Setting Up Web 3 Social Impact Derivatives Markets

Slogging my way through this conference. Ugh.

This guy is a professor at Santa Clara University, Jesuit and Gavin Newsom’s alma mater. The school provided technical support for the Santa Clara County pay for success pilots.

I pulled a clip - so this is how they do it. They talk about the sacrificial issue that will get them to their ultimate goal. They will talk about regular people losing life savings in crypto - all according to plan. THEN they will advance crypto regulation but NOT discuss web 3 blockchain ID or social finance.

When you listen to this guy replace individuals losing retirement savings in crypto ponzi schemes with Blackrock and mega automated portfolios of securitized human/natural capital. THEN the need for socially responsible clarity around the quality of the investment takes on a new and much darker form. @leo @Jason_Bosch

The speaker’s CV is all about global labor rights, Latin America, applied ethics, and he even wrote a chapter on non-profit stock markets.

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Thanks. Irresponsible investing and high energy consumption appear to be their big pitch.

They will pitch more regulation without questioning whether or not the tokenization of life on earth is ethical to begin with. It’s so frustrating.

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I’m going to keep posting small clips so you can see what a fraud most of these people are. They want to keep everyone focused on Bitcoin and crypto so they won’t get what is coming with digital ID mixed reality and tokenized behavioral derivative products. It’s really pissing me off in a HUGE way. I’m listen to hours of this to pull a series of short clips that will make my case. Most of these are 1-4 minutes long.

Blaming Crypto Bad Guys/Libertarians While Ignoring Blockchain ID And In-Q-Tel Mixed Reality

Keith Pritchard, JP Morgan Derivatives, Says He Can’t See Blockchain Use Case In Investment Banking

Crypto skeptics acting like they don’t know automated trust is needed to scale mixed reality.

David Gerard asserts blockchain is only marketing to sell crypto, discounts Estonia e-gov’t.

Yes, David - distributed time stamp ledgers - Stornetta and Haber set it up in 1991. Stop trying to distract people.

NFTs=spectacle/distraction from Soulbound Tokens, nontransferable meta-data tags for digital ID

Pritchard hasn’t a clue re digital twins/tokenized geo-fencing. Needs to watch Black Mirror “Nosedive.”

Pritchard, Derivatives JP Morgan, Says There’s Danger When Policymakers Don’t Understand Tech

Unfortunately none of these panelists understand that the end game is securitized human behavior data tracked on biometric blockchain ID to inform commodities future bets linked to social impact finance (and to get impact data for machine learning). It’s so grotesque that they are misdirecting people in this way.

This makes me so upset i literally want to throw up. You all see this don’t you?

This was one of the keynotes - a UK Labour MP for the Cooperative Party, pushing Covid UBI, Malthusian population control, studied information computing theory, is a social entrepreneur in sustainable finance with ties to Extinction Rebellion. Plus he incorporated an image of a black swan TWICE at the beginning of his talk.

How am I not surprised Sobel was pushing that crypto was for Libertarian Ayn Rand crowd even as the progressives were touting Covid UBI, which will also be blockchain in the spatial web. So gross. This article was March 20, 2020, so less than two weeks after the first lockdowns were called. Already saying the economy has totally changed. What a jerk.

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Green Eugenics

So the guy Jason Louv who is interviewing Stephen Diehl back in 2017 on smart contract law is an author of occult books and practitioner of Enochian magic. @Stephers @jenlake @leo

Someone just commented on this video that the Mattereum interviewer Jason Louv wrote occult books - and yes he does. Very strange, but maybe not.

The Magick∴Me Arcane Library.

I am familiar with Jason Louv, having purchased this book in 2018 (I read it from cover to cover.)

Funny, at that time, I do not recall him being involved with AI and smart contract initiatives, but I now see his bio had already incorporated his work with Buzz Aldrin and Google AI . . .

This information certainly shifts things for me! I should not be surprised anymore! Given that Louv is an occult enthusiast and has deep Austin, TX/data science connections, I am bumping him up to the top of my person-of-interest list. This is super sketch and creepy. He gives me the ick.

Ultraculture Incorporated.

The Magick.Me Arcane Emporium—Meditation supplies, books & lots more!.

So, it turns out Louv is a Crowleyite. For some reason, in 2018, I got the sense that Louv was not promoting Enochian magic, but, rather, exposing it.

@AMcD Guess where I first found out about Louv . . . I purchased his book right after listening to this THC episode:


  • May 24, 2018

Topics Covered: History, Occult, Spirits


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Austin, huh. How odd that he was in London for the Mattereum conference.

Here Louv interviews Grigg at same event.

Note similar logos - Internet of Agreements (Mattereum) and Bell Works

The logos above invoke the Kabbalah . . .

The image above is posted to Louv’s Facebook profile. Naturally, he is a Kabbalist (it follows, since he is adept at chaos magic).

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I can see it.

Also, given the name, Mattereum (think creating Matter), it also follows that they would be full-fledged Kabbalists:

There exist four categories of knowledge called:

  • Matter,
  • Form in matter,
  • Abstract form, and
  • Essence.

If we move outside from within in our analysis, we find that the essence, abstract form, form, and matter are dressed on one another. This is how we perceive any object in our world.

For instance, here is my cup, which has the form of a vessel (Hebrew: Kli). The matter of which it is made is clay. When I speak of it without any reference to its shape or material it is made of, I refer to its abstract form as a Kli. In general, what is a glass or a cup? I speak about something abstract, unconnected with a particular, concrete object. Then the essence follows, a category, something that constitutes the notion of a cup, a Kli for me.

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Sobel’s worship of Yitzhak Rabin (see here: Sobel, Alex - Mace Magazine) . . .

Rabin was a full-fledged member of the Haganah:

His military career began in 1940 when he joined the “Palmach”, the elite unit of the Haganah.

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