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The copy and paste school policy that is taking place in Texas and elsewhere is the same up here in Canada. Doughnut economics is a common theme when one compares current official community plans from one municipality to another. Same word spells handed down from the United Nation unsustainable dreams. My daughter is starting her career as a elementary school teacher soon and I need to try and open her eyes to this insanity. The school system has always been a bad place to learn how the think independently and has become extremely worse compared my time. It is literally a war zone now, which puts a parents beautiful innocent child on the frontline. So many parents out there not paying attention to the details and the harm facing their child.
I agree it is paramount for parents to remove all technical devices from their children. This includes the TV in their living room. There is no need, or benefit to track a child’s every move until they die in order to place bets on them. Who ever came up with this concept is one sick human being. It is sad that so many so called adults are going along with this assault on the minds of this new generation. All efforts should be made for the child to interact with the natural world. To touch it, feel it, smell it. A child’s imagination needs to develop from this organic setting not from the avatar world being built for them. This soul sucking avatar world is not green, or sustainable like the worldbuilder’s say. Their dreams are just a pack of lies!
Thank you @ldaven for all you do. Helps me do better.


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Alison was a guest in 2021. It unfortunate that people didn’t listen to us sooner. We saw it through the education system.

This was the first time I met Alison when a mutual friend interviewed us in 2016.