Proteomics and P4 Medicine - Wellness Monitoring Slideshare Institute for Systems Biology Seattle

So this relates to the idea that life can be reduced to molecular systems and monitored at all levels from the microbe to the ecosystem. I was trying to figure out if Ruedi Aebersold mentioned in the slide deck was related to Paul Aebersold the “isotope king” of Oak Ridge Lab. Still not sure. This is Hood’s slide share. He was connected to Human Genome project and Cal-tech, but wanted a bigger lab and got one at University of Washington with Gates’s money. The blood section reminds me of Theranos - also anti-aging and longevity R&D.


Cybernetic pathways anyone?

" In 2010 ISB partnered with the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio to establish the nonprofit P4 Medicine Institute (P4MI). Its goal was stated as being “to lead the transformation of healthcare from a reactive system to one that predicts and prevents disease, tailors diagnosis and therapy to the individual consumer and engages patients in the active pursuit of a quantified understanding of wellness; i.e. one that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory (P4)”

Les Wexner is benefactor of Ohio State University System. Billionaire founder of The Limited and retail clothing brands. Jeffrey Epstein managed his money.

Medical Center Named in Honor of Les Wexner | impactCancer Summer 2012.