Predatory "Two-Generation" Charter School - Adams County, CO

Someone who knows I keep track of these things just sent me info on New Legacy Charter in Adams County east of Denver. About | New Legacy Charter School

While the pitch for wrap around supports for teen parents is compelling, the reality is that this is going to be a set up for impact finance. Note the budget’s listings for corporate and federal sponsorship. A lot will be linked to Career and Technical Education - “life long learning” on the ledger.

I did a blog post about the “two-generation” model of behaviorism in the summer of 2019 focused on Tulsa, even though my former acquaintance there seems to have forgotten all about this and “collective impact,” it still matters. Read about it here: Casey, Aspen, United Way & The Two-Generation Con – Wrench in the Gears


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Adams County was a competency-based education pilot studied by RAND and funded by the Gates Foundation. This has been on my radar for awhile, since Philadelphia was another pilot district as well as the state of Maine.

This is the RAND report from 2014 - notice at the bottom the “level up” platform. Total quality management. :neutral_face:

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Right in my county. I’ll have to follow up with this.

I’d be curious if you find anything that indicates why Adams County would be targeted. This is an article from 2015 about a Pay for Success pre-k pilot there, too. Adams 50 gets grant to explore Pay For Success financing - Chalkbeat Colorado