Nova Pole and 5G in street lamps

About a month ago, while I was out for a walk, I noticed one of flag poles in my local park shaking, but there was no wind at the time. Then I noticed the name on the base of the pole, and the company that produces them is called Nova Pole.

Nova Pole is a Canadian based company that specializes in designing street lamps, poles, posts etc, and when I checked out their website

I noticed they have a special page dedicated to talking about their small cell 5G technology that they can install at the base of their lamp posts. I often wondered how the municipalities, telecommunications companies etc are going to hide the smaller 5G antennas (they want to go up to 7G) that they need for the internet of things. I think 5G has smaller wave forms, which means the antenna’s need to be spaced closure together for the data to travel back and forth. Street lamps and flag poles etc are perfect for creating a 5G connection platform for Smart Cities.

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Yes, 5G is different in that it is a mesh network and there are thousands upon thousands of companies helping to build it. A few months ago I attended the Connectivity Expo in Denver and there were hundreds of companies represented at that alone. What’s interesting about all this is talking with the people at this event I realize that very few people understand what it is they are building. They are not the architects but rather vendors just looking to sell equipment and service contracts. The system is brilliant at getting many short sighted people to build their own enclosures to make a buck.

Most important is that we focus on the system being build and for what ends.