Nanotech Food - Social Control Read Aloud "Seasoning" from Robot Uprisings

Just did a read aloud of a short story on food additives as a pacification measure.
Very much in line with Earlham / Quadram and Quaker “peace.” Comments from the livestream to add to my map.

In the comments someone mentioned that Solly Zuckerman helped establish the Climate Research Center. Looks like he was heavily involved in the nuclear debate in the UK. Check out the cover of his book @jenlake @Stephers. Nuclear illusion and reality : Zuckerman, Solly Zuckerman, Baron, 1904-1993 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive"solly+zuckerman"

One more thing @leo Solly Zuckerman, who ended up being an advocate for the Climatic Research Center at the University of East Anglia late in his career with some guest appointment there, was a pioneer in Operations Research, or OR, during WWII - the psychology of civilian defense. Zoologist specializing in primate behavior.

A big part of OR is modeling and simulation for strategic military ends. With these digital twinned environments, essentially we are looking at being in a perpetual state of war against the perceived “chaos” of natural life. So your perspective that this is a military frame seems very on point.

This must be the “bespoke social care training facility” mentioned in the comments.

“The opportunity to create the place where innovative smart-technology and exemplary care and support is delivered is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”