Molten Salt - Radio Isotopes - Crystalline Metamorphosis

I really feel like the universe was pushing me to move into an examination of modular nuclear power. All the resources @stephers pulled up yesterday about the need for remote power stations to run water pipeline fuel pumps confirmed that.

This is a 2013 presentation done by Argonne and ORNL on the use of these reactors as factories for “medical” isotopes.

The book “Life Atomic” was excellent in laying out how the Atomic Energy Commission created the market for radioactive treatments.

It also feels to me that there is something symbolic going on with salt - molten salt.

"Life, Death, and Rebirth: The liquids in the body like blood carry a memory of the ocean. They have a chemical makeup similar to seawater, although the exact proportion of minerals is different. Salt reminds us of the origin of life. Salt is also necessary for life, used by the nerves, digestive system, and for fluid regulation, but too much brings death instead. For example, conquered enemies may have had their land “salted” in antiquity, salt spread over their soil, to discourage reconstruction because of crop failure. However this harsher quality of salt may also be harnessed for “beneficial destruction”. Salt is used to preserve food and clean wounds because it discourages the growth of microorganisms.

Because of its traditional medicinal uses and connection to the origins of life, salt is said to support physical well being, vitality, and longevity. It also has more metaphorical associations with life and death. Water often represents spirit. Because salt dissolves in water but may later precipitate out as new crystals, salt symbolizes both the body and its rebirth, resurrection, and immortality. Similarly salt water is a common tool in the metaphysical community to return people, places, and objects to energetic wholeness. Just as it dissolves in water but can later recrystallize, salt represents the alchemical process of things being broken down into their individual elements, purified, and returned integrated to the whole."

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Brilliant, yes. This life/death/rebirth archetypal story is precisely where I have arrived as well – having gotten there by observing alchemical spell casting with the Lake Mead “dead pool” narrative – whereby nuclear fusion solutions offers rebirth. However, it was really the continual bombardment of media imprinting that led me there – with stories such as the following (that read like “true crime”):

Note that when I saw the recurring image below (second image) as I began last month to compile these “dead body” stories, I could not help but see a crystal point (alchemically conjuring crystalline metamorphosis):

If you recall, a couple weeks ago, I had mentioned that many artifacts have been found in the “dying space.” It seems many of these artifact stories were imprinted with subliminal symbolism, including the names of particular individuals featured in the accompanying articles/reports. I will plan to follow up shortly in this regard.

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As one example of occult symbolism amidst Lake Mead transmedia storytelling . . .

In reference to the very first article I had read (and posted in the comment above - note the title of the article, the woman featured in the article, and the artifacts):

On Sunday afternoon, Shawna Hollister was docking her boat in Lake Mead, Nevada, when she said she heard a woman scream. Along the receding shoreline, a rusty barrel could be seen lodged in the mud. Inside, was a rotting corpse. (my emphasis)

“My husband walked over and found the body,” Hollister said, 8 News Now reported. “His shirt and belt were the only thing we could see over his decomposing bones.”

The ghastly discovery became even more startling when the Las Vegas Metro police announced Monday that evidence indicated the body may have been submerged in the desert waters for nearly four decades. (my emphasis)

I cannot post contact information of Shawna Hollister here at the forum. However, Shawna Hollister (whom you can look up online) is also known as Shawna E Beltrami-Preuss, Age 33, as well as simply, Shawna Beltrami.

See below about Giacomo Beltrami (known for his boat, but also his prominent belt and barrel):

When he first saw the Mississippi River, he took on the self-appointed mission of finding its source. It was an endeavor fraught with risk but he carried all the required accoutrements of survival: A knife, in its scabbard, and a long sword hang on his right side. On his left side hangs a shorter sword. Crowding the belt buckle, at his waist, is a powder flask and pouch for his ammunition and flint. He holds a long flintlock musket by its barrel, its stock resting firmly on the ground. In his other hand, he holds a red umbrella. A gentleman always carries an umbrella. (my emphasis)

Giacomo Costantino Beltrami (1779 – January 6, 1855) was an Italian jurist, author, and explorer, known for claiming to have discovered the headwaters of the Mississippi River in 1823 while on a trip through much of the United States (later expeditions determined a different source). In Minnesota, Beltrami (in Polk County) and Beltrami County are named for him.[1] He had an extensive network of notable figures for friends and acquaintances, including members of the powerful Medici family.

The blunt message is that the Medici family is destined for longevity and triumph. Throughout its long history the Medici family was adept at using symbols as a way of making reference to themselves. The peacock and goshawk in the Adoration of the Magi tondo stand as an important early example.

Keep in mind that the potential solution being offered to replenish (think rebirth) the water in Colorado is via an interstate water pipeline (IWS) that pumps water from the Mississippi River to Lake Mead.

The IWS is practicable. Assume that an initial goal might be doubling the water flow, averaging about 20,000 cubic feet per second, to Colorado River system reservoirs. Pumping Mississippi River water to an altitude of 4,000 to 5,000 feet likely would be needed to supply reservoirs Lake Mead (altitude 1,100 feet) and/or Lake Powell (altitude 3,600 feet). We estimate that it would require fewer than ten power plants of typical one-gigawatt size to provide the energy to move water halfway across the nation to double the flow of the Colorado River. (Gravity-driven flow turning turbines below its reservoir lakes would eventually regenerate much of the input energy required.)

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Additional notes on alchemy encoded in the Lake Mead media stories (related to true crime). . .

Lt. Ray Spencer is featured in the first two Lake Mead dead body stories I linked above. Recall the first article featured a woman named Shawna.

Recall that the Medici family historically left symbolic clues as a way to leave their family fingerprints, with one of them being the peacock (which will become significant as you follow along my thinking out loud exercise).

Does anyone here recall the TV show, Psych? I could not help but conjure the main character, Shawn Spencer when seeing Shawna and Spencer — amidst a story (based on a plethora of Lake Mead media stories invoking the Las Vegas mob/mafia and murders), echoing the precise pattern of true crime stories in Psych.

Shawn Spencer’s father, Henry Spencer, is a retired cop/detective.

In the show, Psych, actor Skyler Gisondo played “Young Shawn” in flashbacks (seasons 5 and 6). His surname is Italian, and he is of Italian descent (circling back to the Medici family).

Gisondo was born in Palm Beach County, Florida. His parents, Stacey (née Berke) and Ron, are ocean engineers. His last name comes from his paternal grandfather, who was Italian-American. His other three grandparents were Jewish.[3] After he began working frequently, he was homeschooled for several years.[4] He spent a number of years in high school involved in the Jewish organization USY, including going to Israel on a program offered by them. He attended Milken Community High School in Los Angeles, graduating in 2014.[5][6]

Gisondo grew up in Florida, and later moved to South Bay, Los Angeles.[5]

In 2015, he began attending the University of Southern California’s film school, at first full-time and later, part-time before taking a hiatus to film Santa Clarita Diet. He has stated that he plans to finish his college education.[4]

While filming Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb in Vancouver, Gisondo asked Ben Stiller and Robin Williams to help him film a “promposal” formally asking his girlfriend to senior prom. They filmed a three-minute comedy routine with Crystal the Monkey [My note: Crystal – circling us back to the title/underlying topic of this thread}

Currently, Skyler Gisondo is starring in a Peacock TV true crime series – The Resort (in which he is also only shown in flashbacks – which I find interesting and potentially relevant). The central storyline is based on flip cell phones (found in the jungle 15 years after being lost). Hence, the hallmark of the show is telecommunications and TIME (weaving past, present, and future alchemically and metaphysically).

As noted above, Skyler Gisondo also starred alongside Ben Stiller and Robin Williams in Night of the Museum (Skyler Gisondo's Prom Proposal (featuring Ben Stiller and Robin Williams) - YouTube) — a film that accentuates the very notion of artifacts. In the film, the artifacts are housed together in the museum — and literally come to life in the present (only at night).

One of Skyler’s sisters is Jessica Gisondo:

Jessica Gisondo

Director of Communications & Partnerships at Lebec Consulting

Note the prominent UMBRELLA image on the home page (with “ESG”) – perhaps linking us in some alchemical way to Giacomo Beltrami and his iconic (red) umbrella, as referenced above.

Lebec Consulting is your ideal partner. We’ve been working across philanthropy, impact investing, and the ESG spectrum for nearly two decades. We have a clear understanding of how these financial tools can be leveraged for deep impact and systems change. And we help our clients align more capital with the right people, organizations, and social innovators who are truly moving the needle on the world’s most pressing issues. (my emphasis)

Note: See Jessica Gisondo’s connection to social impact, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Open Society, the UN, and Israel.

Director of Communications & Partnerships

Lebec Consulting

Jan 2022 - Present 8 months

Lebec Consulting is a women-led firm that specializes in advising corporations, foundations, donor advised fund holders, high-net-worth individuals, financial institutions, and entrepreneurs on how to achieve their greatest social impact through catalytic philanthropy and impact investments.

With sustainability, innovation, and systems change at the center of our strategy, we think outside the box and look beyond traditional philanthropy. Our goal is to provide these key stakeholders with the best possible roadmap to achieve impact in ways that will truly reverse the tides of global inequality.

Learn more at and on Twitter @LebecConsulting

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{Incidentally, I have been honing in on Peacock TV and its magenda — woven throughout nearly all of its shows, in a blatant way. The series also seems to be weaving in other crucial themes – topics for another day and another thread . . . }

Most striking, though, and why I have spent all of this time navigating through the Gisondo family alchemical tale . . . As noted above, Skyler Gisondo’s father (in addition to his mother) is an ocean engineer – leading us straight back to salt and water, or salt water – and UNDERSEA/SUBMARINE TELECOMMUNICATION. Given the nature of Ron Gisondo’s work, I can only imagine all of the NDAs that must have been signed, and the numerous security clearances that have been accrued.

Ron Gisondo

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• Project Management – manage all aspects of a project from conceptual stages to completion. This includes writing operational plans, establishing schedules, personnel selection and supervision, selection and management of subcontractors, supervision of project team in the field, establishing and maintaining budget(s), negotiating the contracts and then monitoring and maintaining contractual adherence, generating invoices and negotiating contract variations (both with client and subcontractors) and establishing, developing and maintaining positive customer relationships.

• Engineering – Although more of a project and/or installation manager at this stage of career have knowledge of structural steel and concrete design, materials and corrosion engineering (especially in the marine environment) and have a working understanding of many of the disciplines of mechanical and civil engineering common to land based and offshore construction projects. Select, modify and/or specify machinery, vessels, equipment and tools to accomplish the project requirements. Involved in design and fabrication of specialty cable burial vehicles, diver burial tools, launch and recovery systems and cable handling/installation equipment.

• Offshore Supervision – Have supervised offshore crews of up to 50 people and have had direct management responsibility for professional staff of up to fourteen. Have experience with DP I & II vessels, 4 & 6 point moored barges, spud barges as well as supply and anchor handling boats.


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DeepOcean has a GO GREEN attitude, continuously looking to make our customers’ operations more sustainable, through reducing both carbon footprint and costs.

Sound and Sea Technology is a company that provides ocean and marine engineering services. It offers analysis, engineering development, fabrication, and installation of undersea systems. The company’s capabilities include subsea structures, corrosion analysis, resource assessment, wave energy systems, and others. (was Tyco Telecommunications)

For more than half a century, SubCom’s fleet has sailed the oceans of the world, maintaining the undersea cables that form the backbone of the international communications network. Maintenance is performed by the industry’s most capable fleet of cable ships from their strategic locations around the globe. (my emphasis)

Note: The company, DeepOcean, circles us back to Norway: DeepOcean – linking us to this pertinent thread: Thorium Deposits in Brazil - Thor, More Norse Mythology (both of these threads overlap in significant ways).

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Not saying this is related exactly, but there are a number of major philanthropies that have oceanic allusions including Blue Meridian Partners. It feels related somehow. Also Ocean Protocol using the jellyfish.