Merion Meeting - Second Oldest Quaker Meeting In North America

I made this heart yesterday at Merion Meeting on the Main Line. It was my dad’s 80th birthday, but he is lost in the Alzheimer realms. I said your intention @stephers and placed the heart around a puddle and sang happy birthday through the water. So many communication failures. I hope the message got through.

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@AMcD Stunning work . . . truly. I feel the vibrancy from here. I do hope your message was delivered to your dad through the aether . . . Regardless, I am affirming it as so, and so it is.

I passed by the Quakertown Friends Meetinghouse the other day . . . It is actually in the quaint village of Pittstown, NJ (not Quakertown, PA).

Some interesting history . . . See links below . . .

Dan Campanelli’s 2006 watercolor painting, Quakertown Meeting - Inner Light, Outer Beauty, depicts the meetinghouse in it renewed splendor today.

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