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First Look: Inside Bryan Trubey’s Fair Park of the Future

The former HKS architect known for his sports stadium prowess is now working with Overland Partners to redesign Fair Park and uplift its surrounding neighborhoods.

The soft-spoken exec tells me that Fair Park is unlike any venue not only in Texas, not only in the U.S., but on the planet. “The collection of architecture, the storied venues, the entire environment: there isn’t another place in the world—not another principal city in America, not in Europe, not in the larger

cities in China—like the 277 acres of Fair Park,” he says. “This once-in-a-lifetime project will unlock a lot of magic for Dallas.”


Looks like a portal. We went to see “Everywhere All Around All At Once Last Night.” I actually enjoyed it. Lots of portals including a giant black everything swirling bagel.

The beads on the character on the right reminded me of the balls around the fountain you wrote about @quantumheartcafe.

“There’s a scientific calculation you can do for any object in the universe called a Schwarzschild radius, an object that when you compress it down to that radius becomes a black hole. It becomes a singularity and it’s hypothetical. But the idea is, at a certain density, anything will become a black hole,” Kwan also told Vulture . “So everyone has their Schwarzschild radius. Wouldn’t it be funny if she did that to an everything bagel? Because this movie is about everything.”

" A Bagel Universe

You see, physicists studying the background radiation of the universe have found evidence that spacetime, the headache-inducing medium whose curvature is responsible for gravity and whose expansion is our evidence for the Big Bang, is not the completely flat, rubber sheet we had always imagined. There is an overall curvature to the universe’s topology. There are many theories and models about what that overall shape might be, but a popular and recurring one these scientists suggest is that it might be a torus shape, like a donut or bagel."


Following is my breakdown of “Everything Everywhere All at Once” that I offered at POM last month:


August 6, 2022 at 11:04 am


It seems we are VERY much in sync – on the topic of magenta being fused (see what I did there?! wink, wink) with the nuclear industry.

Just this morning, I was digging a bit into plasma technology/toroidal physics, tokamaks, and nuclear fusion, and the companies referenced in the video you linked – more specifically, though, Madison Symmetric Torus in Madison, WI. Madison Symmetric Torus (MST) – Wisconsin Plasma Physics Laboratory – UW–Madison. I am still working through a lot of material (mostly new for me), and will need some time to coherently pull it together. So, I will get back to you on that nuclear fusion presentation. (Did you notice the magenta eyeglasses placed in the story for good measure?)

In my opinion – despite the fact that I despise puzzles – I sense we are getting closer to filling in crucial puzzle pieces. Numerous concepts are swirling around in my head at the moment – and, ultimately, they do all congeal (fuse) together: emerald green, magenta, yellow, gold thread, plasma cosmology, cold fusion, inner earth, central sun (magenta?), donuts, torus, toroidal fields, poloidal fields, the sun (yellow, possibly even green?), hot fusion, halos, aurorae (Northern and Southern Lights), tokamaks, radiation danger trefoil (originally magenta), nucleus, nuclear physics, astrophysics, UFOs, space travel, parallel dimensions, cylinders, hourglass imagery, straw imagery (as in drinking straws), plasma currents, Poles, polarization, Indra’s net/Vedic cosmology, Kundalini, pineal gland, time/temporal fields, implosion kinetics, Alfvén waves, gluons, pions, the Van Allen belts, nuclear reactors, and theta pinches.

I will leave one very curious image (from a 2022 fictional film) that evokes many of these notions – all fused together (albeit veiled). I began deconstructing it this morning, and shared some of my insights with Alison. I have a ways to go, though, to coherently present it.

In the interim, perhaps you would be inclined to take a look (see image above), and see what you notice. No pressure whatsoever to oblige. While I have not yet seen this highly popularized film (hoping to do so in the next couple days), it would be most helpful to watch it to get a full gestalt of what is being shown to us. Obviously, the context is necessary for a proper “decoding.” My friend, Matt of QofC, did his own analysis of the film: Movie Everything Everywhere All At Once Explained - YouTube.

I would add that there is much more context with regard to one particular actress in the image/film – Jamie Lee Curtis, and her father Tony Curtis – in addition to the film directors. See related links below.ány_Street_Synagogue
Daniels (directors) - Wikipedia (twinning with the two Daniels)”

Additional images for context (which may be seemingly unrelated – and obscure – at the moment): the magenta, of course) (image from Dohany Street Synagogue)

Thank you, Gino, for your patience with me (as my personal life is beset with ordeals at the moment). I am leaving this material here for your review, and also as a personal reminder – until such time I can return with an elaborate take. But no sense in keeping this to myself if someone else can move forward with it, while I am attending to personal matters.

On the David Martin/Greg Hunter discussion and the green glow . . . Someone brought that to our attention here a few days ago. I thought it was you. Perhaps you are providing us with a reminder – which I often do as well here in threads.

Your simple interpretation of the magenta and emerald green – in the context of deception and blurring of the lines between the real and the synthetic (digital) is most helpful. I am not always inclined with distilling down my thoughts and suppositions. Thank you for your added touch. It is most appreciated.

I referenced the film once again here (in relation to its movie poster above):

August 23, 2022 at 7:15 pm

RE: Lovecraft and Magenta – again:

Presently, there is another Lovecraftian horror film featuring a heavy dose of magenta light (recall Lovecraft claimed – in the context of the Nicholas Cage film, Color out of Space – that magenta did not exist within our visible light spectrum).

Here is a review of the film: GLORIOUS Movie Review **SPOILER ALERT** - YouTube.

Following is a written analysis: 'Glorious' Review: Ryan Kwanten Finds Salvation in Haunted Glory Hole - Variety.

The August 2022 film features Lovecraft’s mythical figure – the Ghatanothoa:

Interestingly, I saw the trailer to this film yesterday, and a couple hours later, I read an article at Super Torch Ritual (behind a paywall – and completely un-related to the film) that featured the Sicilian flag – which can be seen here: What does Sicilian flag really symbolize? - Sicilian Post. I was not previously familiar with the Sicilian flag, but it seems to invoke the Greek mythical beasts – the Gorgons (Medusa, Stheno and Euryale): Medusa, Stheno and Euryale: The Gorgons - Mythological Bestiary #08 See U in History - YouTube. The depiction of Gorgons reminds me a whole lot of Lovecraft’s Ghatanothoa.

I also recall the poster of Everything Everywhere All at Once evoking Lovecraft’s Ghatanothoa in numerous ways (see all of the eyes in the image, and the consistent depiction of appendages – in a circular manner). {Also, since I had previously forgotten, I have been meaning to mention the pineal gland symbolism, and that in the center of the circle is a stylized depiction of an hourglass – denoting time, or perhaps, no time at the very core of the circle.}

Note: Following is an image created by Goro at Super Torch Ritual (STR) that seems significant in terms of symbology (hexagrams, temporal windows, and kicks – as in the film, Inception – kicks imply waking from the dream within a dream), and just happens to be signaling today’s date (August 23, 2022):

Goro’s description: As we discussed previously, Sicily’s flag is a set of hexagonally arranged legs, in effect “kicking” Hex Apex windows including the current one. (Ironically – the stylized image represents the juxtaposition of magenta and green; the original image on the Sicilian flag is red and yellow)




August 25, 2022 at 12:34 pm

On Lovecraft and the Kardashians . . .

Does Kim Kardashian look a bit “Lovecraftian” in this photo? (Refer to images above of the Ghatanothoa)

Source: Kim Kardashian Now Has a Millennial Side Part—See Photos | Glamour

Or does she more closely resemble this image from my comment above?

Some additional archetypal images invoking the same motif:

Interestingly (and very relatedly), following is an ad that appears in the Kim K. article above – ARCHETYPES. This is precisely what I am attempting to reveal – Lovecraftian archetypes, which indeed trace back to more ancient mythos/lore (Celtic, Greek, etc) – and thus, deeply ingrained templates/archetypes that continually floodour unconscious mind:

Addition: Does the tall boot motif in the Kim K. photo look familiar (returning again to the new Lovecraft-inspired film, Glorious)?

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Magenta skies at night :notes: …wasn’t that a Fixx song?

Oh there is a mirror installation at the Amazing Brentwood that looks just like the Everything Bagel, you can briefly see at about the 30s mark in this instagram video. I will go back with my camera and see if it is still there to take some photos.

Hi @Stephers are the Lovecraftian Archetypes different from the Archetypes Carl Young was talking about in his work? I keep noticing how the powers that shouldn’t be are obsessed with Lovecraft, I think Geordie Rose refers to the ‘old ones’ when he talks about his quantum computers making contact with parallel universes. Like I notice they have a pessimistic and dark outlook on life, and it shows up in a lot of sci-fi horror movies. Whereas, Carl Jung seemed to have loved life, and currently I am reading Vine Deloria Jr’s book ‘C.G. Jung and the Sioux Traditions: Dreams, Visions, Nature and the Primitive’. The book shares both the similarities and differences between Carl Jung’s work and Indigenous ways of being.

On magenta clouds in the sky . . .

This is a photo I took in July 2022 above my house…

Here is another magenta sky photo taken by someone who sent their photo to my friend, Matt of QofC, who is also following the magenta presentation…

Then there is this curious story out of Chile from August 26, 2022:

When I see the implication of a magenta cloud (being veiled herein as purple), I think cloud computing and augmented reality — blockchained/hive minds . . . Again, the magenta signifies synthetic mixed reality — seeing a new spectra of color in our skies that was not present before. The magenta is bleeding into our natural world, further blurring the lines of what is real and what is artificial. People will not be able to distinguish the difference. The photos below look like they could have been CGI’d. Again, we cannot know for sure if real, fake, or a hybrid (thus, augmented).

Even I am seeing magenta in the sky above me (evidenced by my photo above), and others are too (see the personal photo above shared with my friend, Matt). The image of the magenta cloud below — which is not cumulus (puffy) but cirrus (like a line) — invokes the notion of a magenta veil or wrapping of the physical/3D with a 2D overlay (it looks more flat and fluidic/plasmatic – think nanofluidics and nanophotonics).

Info on where this was sighted:

Atacama Desert - Wikipedia (also recall this convoluted/controversial story:’s-real-deal-about-atacama-alien-25093)

COSAYACH produces natural Nitrates obtained form the desert. Our Nitrates are offered as specialty water soluble fertilizers, which have 100% nitric nitrogen, allowing extremely quick absorption by the plants and high use efficiency. Our Nitrates also contain low chlorine Potassium or Sodium, essential nutrients for the plants.

Mystery as purple cloud appears in sky leaving residents baffled (another article —“puzzling purple”; “violet vapour”)

When I see Cala Cala (the Chilean salt/iodine mine) in this story…

I see the following encoded/encrypted . . . and

CALA is a technology company focusing on artificial intelligence technology research and development. The U.S. headquarters is in Armonk, New York, and the African headquarters is on Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Thanks to the development of Blockchain and Defi technology that helps CALA investors to access various investment methods which in turn, generate stable and long term profits.

Hence, I see a story that is really about blockchain (cyber-physical mixed reality) — again, further signaling this HUGE trigger event in the next couple days (around Sept 15), when the Ethereum Merge occurs (indicating the move from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake — mainly signifying the notion of blockchain/cyber CONSENSUS, in which TRUST and VERIFICATION will be dictated by the blockchain).

Officials say the cloud was caused by a pump malfunction at a local mine.

Mysterious purple cloud ominously descends upon Chilean city

Mysterious purple cloud ominously descends upon Chilean city

David Spector

A mysterious purple cloud descended over a Chilean town Sunday. Twitter/ @JeannetteQuim

Residents of Pozo Almonte, Chile, awoke to an ominous purple cloud hanging low over their city Sunday morning.

Citizens were alarmed by the mysterious cloud and lodged numerous complaints to local officials, who began an investigation.

Photos of the mysterious vapor posted on Twitter show the purple fog stretching across the skyline above homes and businesses.

Officials in Chile claim the cloud was caused by a pump failure at the Cala Cala mine owned by the Saltpeter and Iodine Company which allowed for iodine vapor to seep out. Iodine turns purple when it is heated to a gaseous state.

“We are carrying out an inspection, which tells us that this incident was due to the failure of a motor of the impeller pump,” Christian Ibanez, deputy head of Chile’s Tarapaca Region told the Sun.

Officials say the cloud was caused by a pump malfunction at a local mine.

Officials say the cloud was caused by a pump malfunction at a local mine.

Tarapaca Region representative Daniel Quinteros claimed that no medical issues associated with the cloud had been reported.

“We are also in contact with the Superintendency of Environment so that tomorrow we can evaluate the filing of a complaint for noncompliance with the regulations and the commitments made by the company in environmental matters,” said Quinteros.

Officials monitored the cloud for 48 hours.

Who we are and our company information

We are CALA FINTECH SERVICES LTD; a company duly registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our registered office is at 8th Floor, Tower 2, Church Gate Victoria Island Lagos. CALA FINTECH SERVICES LTD is registered with the Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering ( Ref. No 251505511), of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.Also duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission.

This video was posted on August 16, 2022 (10 days prior to the publication of the Cala Cala mine article) – note the prominent cloud/sky imagery…—whats-difference

The microbial nitrogen-cycling network

Nature Reviews Microbiology volume 16, pages 263–276 (2018)Cite this article

Key Points

  • Nitrogen is an essential component of all living organisms and the main nutrient limiting life on our planet. Its availability depends on diverse nitrogen-transforming reactions that are carried out by microorganisms.
  • Nitrogen-transforming microorganisms are metabolically versatile, rendering their classification as mere nitrifiers, denitrifiers and similar classes inadequate.
  • The classical nitrogen cycle consisting of distinct processes that follow each other in an orderly fashion does not exist. In nature, microorganisms form complex networks that link nitrogen-transforming reactions.
  • Microbial nitrogen-transforming networks both attenuate and exacerbate human-induced global change. They produce and consume the powerful greenhouse gas nitrous oxide, lead to eutrophication of aquatic systems and, at the same time, remove nitrogen from wastewater.
  • There are still many undiscovered nitrogen-transforming reactions that are thermodynamically feasible. The microorganisms catalysing these reactions and the involved biochemical pathways are waiting to be discovered.


Nitrogen is an essential component of all living organisms and the main nutrient limiting life on our planet. By far, the largest inventory of freely accessible nitrogen is atmospheric dinitrogen, but most organisms rely on more bioavailable forms of nitrogen, such as ammonium and nitrate, for growth. The availability of these substrates depends on diverse nitrogen-transforming reactions that are carried out by complex networks of metabolically versatile microorganisms. In this Review, we summarize our current understanding of the microbial nitrogen-cycling network, including novel processes, their underlying biochemical pathways, the involved microorganisms, their environmental importance and industrial applications.

Spatially resolved isotope tracing reveals tissue metabolic activity

Nature Methods volume 19, pages 223–230 (2022)Cite this article


Isotope tracing has helped to determine the metabolic activities of organs. Methods to probe metabolic heterogeneity within organs are less developed. We couple stable-isotope-labeled nutrient infusion to matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization imaging mass spectrometry (iso-imaging) to quantitate metabolic activity in mammalian tissues in a spatially resolved manner. In the kidney, we visualize gluconeogenic flux and glycolytic flux in the cortex and medulla, respectively. Tricarboxylic acid cycle substrate usage differs across kidney regions; glutamine and citrate are used preferentially in the cortex and fatty acids are used in the medulla. In the brain, we observe spatial gradations in carbon inputs to the tricarboxylic acid cycle and glutamate under a ketogenic diet. In a carbohydrate-rich diet, glucose predominates throughout but in a ketogenic diet, 3-hydroxybutyrate contributes most strongly in the hippocampus and least in the midbrain. Brain nitrogen sources also vary spatially; branched-chain amino acids contribute most in the midbrain, whereas ammonia contributes in the thalamus. Thus, iso-imaging can reveal the spatial organization of metabolic activity.

Discussion of Nitrates/Nitrogen amidst clouds/sky circles us back to the magenta observed in the Northern Lights…

What causes the stunning northern lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis? The dramatic light show fills the sky with blue, green, and pink colors, which can be seen from northern latitudes. And one of the most abundant elements on the planet helps creates the dazzling display: nitrogen.

For centuries, humans have marveled at the Aurora Borealis. In the early seventeenth century, Galileo Galilei came up with the name, derived from the Roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for the northern wind, Boreas. But Galileo wasn’t the first to witness the phenomenon by far. Thirty thousand years ago, French cave paintings recorded the natural marvel, and illustrious writers dating back to Aristotle have mentioned the northern lights in their works.

In 1791, English settlers in New England spotted the lights, recording that “the more beautiful and brilliant aurora borealis was first observed here.” But the sight wasn’t always welcome. “In December [of 1791] the aurora again appeared, and the people became greatly alarmed, not dreading it so much as a means of destruction but as precursor of the fires of the last great day and a sign of coming dangers.”

But what causes the phenomenon? It turns out that nitrogen plays a central role. Sunspots and solar storms cause the Aurora Borealis when they send solar wind toward the planets. Forty hours later, when these plasma particles reach Earth, they light up the sky as they hit the atmosphere. Nitrogen, which makes up approximately 70 percent of Earth’s atmosphere, creates red, violet, and blue northern lights.

Nitrogen’s unique structure creates the effect: single atoms of nitrogen make blue northern lights, while two molecules bonded together create a purple color. And nitrogen’s atomic structure also makes it useful for more practical purposes. Many food manufacturers use nitrogen to keep chips and fruit fresh during transport, and nitrogen systems also help put out fires.

NASA, the military, and NASCAR also fill their tires with nitrogen, a process known as inertion. The larger size of the nitrogen molecule keeps tires full longer. While oxygen can leak through a rubber tire, causing it to loose pressure, nitrogen molecules stay inside tires longer, meaning they don’t need to be filled as frequently. And the space shuttle and race cars aren’t the only ones benefiting from nitrogen inertion – more and more regular drivers use nitrogen to fill their tires, which helps them save money on gas.

Tangentially related…

Voronoi and mining:

  • In mining, Voronoi polygons are used to estimate the reserves of valuable materials, minerals or other resources. Exploratory drillholes are used as the set of points in the Voronoi polygons.