Livestream Today - Jason, Leo, and Alison on Parametric Insurance and Web 3 Surveillance of Everything

Here’s part one from today.

And the slide deck.


Leo presented some great information this week. Thank you so much


Excellent opening introduction to the insurance world that no doubt are involved in a big way. My former partner works in insurance and has been working online for the past 2 years. This type of online work space was not a thing prior to this time. It definitely seems to be the way of the future for people working in the insurance business. I guess they need the digital data, the digital twining for their AI learning and all the other blockchain connected stuff to run their make believe world.

No thanks, I reject their meaningless cybernetic vision that connects to nothing real. The natural world is my teacher and always will be. It unfolds as it should, nothing more, nothing less.

Holding reality on my hand. No subliminal mind altering emerald green here.

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