Latter Day Saints Charities - Controversy around Ensign Peak Advisors

So the author of this op-ed is a brother to John Huntsman. The Wharton building at UPenn is named for their family. They made their fortune in chemicals / styrofoam. They are also heavily involved in genomic research tied to cancer.

I smell a rat here. I don’t think the Huntsman’s work working at odds with LDS leadership. My guess is that this is to create the “crisis” needed to pivot to a blockchain accountability system linked with ESG metrics for those billions of dollars being held. Thoughts?

Here is the FB video page for LDS charities. The one cued up is a relationship with Mercy Corps, referenced by @leo in yesterday’s video.

Check out their many partners, They operate in 190 countries. Imagine the role they will play in disaster recovery - promoting “independence” and “entrepreneurship” in refugee camps. @Jason_Bosch

Here I am at the Huntsman Building last January.

Here I am at the Huntsman mental health facilities at University of Utah.

And more context on Utah and impact finance outside the capitol.