Is blockchain network for multivalence?

See underline. Is a decentralized network with tokenized weighting a possible response to binary on-off circuits? From Oliver Reiser’s “Cosmic Humanism.”

I can’t help but wonder if the Siemens pointer telegraph is a type of multivalent communication - an advance over binary Morse code of dots and dashes.

Electrotherapy since the mid 1800s. Yikes. Siemens - personalized medicine…timeline


Possibly? I dont exactly see how anything done on blockchain could get around the at problem. Its still all based on Shannons ‘mathematical theory of communication’, so I think Reiser’s focus on the voltage aspects and having machine produced ‘multivalent’ communication isnt meaningful when it all would be translated into binary for communications purposes.

Same goes for quantum computing, qbits still have to be reduced to regular bits for communication as far as I am aware.

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