Interesting colors coming from some of the famous alt celebrities

Here are some of the look over here distractors to keep the so called resistance movement from focusing on the bigger picture. Thank you Alison and Stephers for pointing out some things to watch out for in the information warfare that is on going. These distractors who mingle with other distractors are so obvious now! On cue with a ton of alt fear porn 911 videos.
Empires servants for sure, who are a huge problem with getting our message across.

Interesting! Bitcoin Donation, Litecoin Donation, Ethereum Donation

Ryan’s version of decoding Biden’s speech. A tad different than what was decoded on this forum.

Another big distractor who frequently mingles with the above mentioned to keep the so called freedom fighters focused on the wrong story.

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@gino I really think it’s best to focus on a specific critique. The broad stroke write-off of people goes both ways and keeps us from drilling into the specifics. Might you consider doing a bit of further exploration into ESG collective impact in BC with a look at education?

Good idea. I really need to get this information to my daughter.

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Just started into researching ESG in BC and what do you know, that the CEO of Mosaic Forest Management is taking a leading role in BC to implement ESG collective impact. The company I work for has a large harvesting contract with Mosaic on Vancouver Island. They are defiantly all about data tracking. For instance they had GPS tracking tablets and dash cams installed in my companies 16 logging trucks. There was no refusing the installation. They are a strange bunch, very acidemia type engineers and were super covid paranoid at there office.
Let me tell you they have some of the worst harvesting practice I have ever seen in my career, which harm soil and water. They allow massive clear-cuts worse than anything allowed on crownland and have a timber harvesting cutting rotation of 40 to 50 year old tree. Nothing good for the forest as far as I can see. Mosaic manages privately owned land so basically they do as they please.
Here is Jeff Zweig CEO of Mosaic and Chair Business Council Of British Columbia talking ESG chatter. Climate change this climate change that.

Here is Mosaic’s website. Lots of meaningless hot air that they do not practice what they preach on the ground. Their banner videos are telling of things discussed on this forum, or are far from the truth.

Forestry is my field and this strange company has sparked my interest in why they are so interested in ESG collective impact. Like I mentioned I see their incessant push to surveille everything in their operation.

Still digging as it relates to forestry and education in BC, see where it leads me.

It is getting worse Alison, this Edoardo De Martin is CTO for CubicFarms operating out of Vancouver and was one of the panelist pumping ESG along with Mosaic’s CEO Jeff Zweig mentioned in previous reply. Creepy guys pumping creepy ESG concepts indeed!

Eduardo’s BC company grow feed for factory farms and vegetables hydroponically. Notice the interesting use of magenta lights. Things are getting stranger as I dig deep.

Cubicfarm feature video has some interesting voronoi pattern at the start. Using fake scare tactics to convince people they have the solution to sustainable farming.

Drenched in magenta LED lights. Something is not right about this picture.