In the category of "who knew?" - blockchain for approval of psychological operation products

Blockchain - so many use cases for AI imperial mind control!


Presently, I am a DoD Workerbee who enjoys exploring new ideas within contemporary security paradigms. My interests and writings center on design theory, unconventional warfare, influence theory, propaganda, emergent technology application, and anything that lives outside the Overton Window. Articles published at 3rd party sites are linked here and shorter, experimental papers are at Underground Designs. Underground Designs is the home for my brother, friends, and me to tackle military, economic, and pop culture trends and phenomena. Visit and subscribe.

I grew up in the Reno-Tahoe area and spent my youth enjoying the Sierra Nevada and Pine Nut Mountains. After I graduated high school, I left for California to attend college. With my degree in political science from UCLA, I moved to DC and worked there for a year. After my DC gap year, I attended the London School of Economics and earned a masters degree in International Relations. Sensing I needed more, I fulfilled a childhood dream and joined the Army in 2008.

I eventually ended up at the 101st Airborne Division serving in various roles in 1/502nd Scout Platoon. In 2013 I left the Infantry for a job where I could use my mind more than my body in addressing security problems across the Asymmetrical Warfare Environment. In my spare time I contribute to the SOF Hive Minds project.


Daniel Riggs

Daniel Riggs is a member of the US Army whose service spanned roles including Sniper, Recon Squad Leader, Psychological Operations (PSYOP) Soldier, and US Army Special Warfare Center and School Instructor. He writes for various publications while pursuing research interests that include military design, irregular warfare, social network analysis, and topics outside the Overton Window or just outside military thought. Regarding design, he is interested in investigating the role of Aesthetics (e.g., French Symbolist Poetry and Arthur Rimbaud), design methods of US adversaries, Mythology and Pop Culture, and principles from Austrian Economics that might contribute to the robust military design discussion and movement. Links of previous work are at his personal website:

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At Bell Labs I talked about the issue of trust and being compelled to “trust” the machine and that the machine will start to tell us the stories of what reality is and how dangerous that will be - thinking in the context of transmedia storytelling.

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