I'm feeling a bit queasy

I registered my daughter for an in-person homeschool program paid for by an online public charter. I also have an online profile with all of my kids in it for community education.

Some of you who follow my limited content know that I agree with everything- this is unrolling and increasing digital slavery. I explain it everywhere I go. And I am living as a hypocrite with a saccharine smile when I do all of these things. it is making me queasy.

Online registrations for soccer, for school. digital payments, it’s all online. Eleyo is one corporate name- and there are many others.

My kids are 2, 4, 6, and 8

My eldest has autism symptoms and one of my favorite videos by Alison, if you have time for it, is here:

Autism: Engineered Learning - YouTube

The reason I liked it so much is that it follows the themes of how nefarious means-ends logic of technocrats can have moms like me playing right into their hands unknowingly. It has helped in much of my family decision making- I am aiming to create a family that can withstand the education techno-takeover and hope for its’ failure.



It’s difficult when parents want what’s best for their children and these tech companies have positioned themselves as gatekeepers between these children and their access to support services, public assistance, future employment opportunity, and even their social life, which is being corralled from physical to online spaces.

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