Ian Grigg - Austrian Laminated Flower Currency C. 2005 / Psycho-Acoustics Horror Show / Global Banking

The “social constructionist” point of view seems to be essential to much of what powers the contemporary techno-dogma. Identity politics (fer sher!), avatars and VR/AR, genetic “enhancement”, chimeras, holograms, weather manipulation, the current “green” agriculture… it’s all connected to faith in our power to creatively steer and mold a SUBJECTIVE reality, a shared dreamscape.
This is what Paul Virilio (in The Vision Machine, 1988) referred to as the “fusion-confusion of perception and object.”
per Wikipedia:
Social constructionism posits that phenomena do not have an independent foundation outside the mental and linguistic representation that people develop about them throughout their history, and which becomes their shared reality.[8] From a linguistic viewpoint, social constructionism centres meaning as an internal reference within language (words refer to words, definitions to other definitions) rather than to an external reality.[9][10]

I am just looking at the IEEE logo. Do you see a similarity to that pelvic / knife image? @stephers