How to Homeschool in the face of these things…

I listened to this talk today, and recently listed to the audiobook Dumbing Is Down by John Taylor Gatto. So much of what he says overlaps Alison Hawver-McDowell’s content. Starts about 10 minutes in.

A lot about data, monopolies, finance, compulsory education, Stanford and Harvard shadowy cabals of academics, etc.

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Just started listening. As far as Conant mentioned first - he is key. I’m doubting he’ll get into it, but Conant was a chemist and an advocate for the Manhattan Project. Very much involved in geopolitics at Harvard and in diplomatic circles - think Operation Paperclip. So we MUST evaluate the program of education as part of the planned evolutionary shift to the “hivemind” ala Teilhard de Chardin, Vernadsky, Huxley, Reiser, Lazslo, etc. Also, I think Conant’s brother was the one who wrote “Brainwaves and Death.”

The Compact for Education and the Education Committee for the States are Key and date to the 1960s - a conservative response to the anti-war movement (in part).


“Public opinion could be what management made it.” (through social conditioning)
Well put.


I actually typed Conant into Youtube and listened to some things about him- all these academic weirdos disseminating ideologies on society that get accepted somehow, it’s crazy.

Listening to John Taylor Gatto, his “big picture” is not just to homeschool, it’s to know the history. May he rest in peace.

I think that his inspiration to learn so much was his students, whom he loved and believed that they could be so much more.

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@nancyrandazzo There’s a good documentary called A Touch of Greatness that compliments Gatto’s work. It’s more mainstream so doesn’t address anything deeper about the system itself but does show what is possible when an educator takes a different approach that’s more in line with Gatto’s approach.

Here’s the trailer:

You can probably get it from your local library.

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