Green Crypto and Leaving Silicon Icarus

I requested to be removed as a contributor from Silicon Icarus a few weeks ago. This decision was not made with ill will, and I wish Raul the best moving forward. This decision revolved around my past research into social impact finance and UPenn and the Annenberg School of Communication, which is a propaganda arm for the open-air prison. The situation gave me the opportunity to delve more deeply into the research being done at UPenn in alternative energy with a particular eye for next-gen nuclear that seems to be aligned with plans for blockchained electrical grids. I touch on some of the material @leo surfaced about stablecoins and thermodynamics. The individual that triggered my concern is a PhD candidate working on Green New Deal policy and Web 3 with Intel. He also does “alchemical” immersive reality linked to crypto-mining in Iceland. I found it unsettling initially, even more so once I saw on his CV he’d acted the part of a comic “dancing scientist” in a bio-tech firm’s commercial for PCR equipment in 2008. Weird. Weird.