Global Education Futures Map - Old Blog Post Re Digital Education

I was telling Jason just now that I thought if people could understand the integration of the giving areas of the John Templeton Foundation (planned reproduction, genius, character education, free markets, religion, and theoretical physics) we would be well on our way to comprehending the big “game.” We might have a conversation to unpack that at some point. While I haven’t yet posted specifically on Templeton yet (Templeton Mutual funds, retired to Bahamas, knighted by the Queen) he did fund Angela Duckworth the “grit” professor at UPenn. This blog post is a good starting point. Below I will share a screenshot of items taken from Global Education Futures 2035 map of the future of education. It’s much clearer to me now than when I first posted it in 2018.

PS: Galton was a Quaker