Getting a little help from my friend

Beautiful dragonfly wings with a lovely voronoi pattern. I see many subluminal markers of voronoi pattern using natural images showing quick glimpses on various ESG videos for instance. Quick glimpses of magenta and emerald green are also part of the production. Not exactly sure how they are subliminally working, but know they are purposefully placed to change thinking patterns in the unassuming viewer.
That said, I am still not getting a good connection Stephers. I know it will be clearer some day, but at this time please explain it to me like I was a five year old.



(Voronoi Patterns - Simulations, Modeling, Risk, Cybernetics - #9 by Stephers)

The oversimplification . . .

The W0RLDBU1LDERS are utilizing BIOMIMICRY to remake and reshape the world into their synthetic gamified, programmable, cybernetic mixed reality. In order to do this, they had to go to the very root/base of how our 3D/physical reality is structured – so as to copy it in order to construct an artificial replica, which will be applied as a nano-fluidic/nano-photonic mesh tapestry that encircles/wraps the physical reality.

At the core of LIFE, they found the Voronoi pattern (along with Mandelbrot fractals and Fibonacci spirals) as well as the magenta plasma. If completely constructed, it could potentially “seal in” life into an entirely AI/algorithm-directed existence – disconnected from Source energy (which originally architected these very patterns/colors).

Also, by applying the same patterns (even though counterfeit) to which living beings are already accustomed (for eons), the W0RLDBU1LDERS aim to transition/morph the reality fairly seamlessly – with practically no one noticing, nor resisting.

Addendum: The main benefit of applying the Voronoi pattern/algorithm to Smart systems/cyber-physical modeling is that it is self-replicating/self-spreading – thereby growing on its own. All the W0RLDBU1LDERS need to do is seed the simulation, and the simulation then takes off on its own.

Bio-inspired and Voronoi-based algorithms for self-positioning autonomous…

We introduce two new self-positioning techniques for autonomous nodes in a mobile ad hoc network to spread over unknown two-dimensional deployment terrains. In our first node self-spreading algorithm, called NSVA, each node moves according to the…



(Voronoi Patterns - Simulations, Modeling, Risk, Cybernetics - #10 by Gino)

Holy Toledo Batman! Thank you @Stephers, it is starting to sink in.