Forum Guidelines and Rules

This is more about guidelines than rules but in order to maintain a base level quality of content and conduct we have a few rules too. Feel free to reply with your thoughts and suggestions regarding these guidelines and rules.

Let’s start with some rules:

  • No partisan politics. If you are a member of this forum, hopefully you already know that politicians are performers and political parties are fronts. Please do not promote any politician or political party here. Also be mindful of and try to avoid the polarizing political narratives and catch-phrases hatched in think-tanks and mindlessly parroted in media, alt-media and then again and again on social media. Let’s raise the bar (LRTB - I just came up with this acronym and encourage its use. Move over LOL :grin:).

  • No marketing or advertising of products. This forum is not a commercial enterprise. Asking for donations for related projects you are working on is generally and usually acceptable.

  • Avoid ad hominem and unsubstantiated claims about individuals. This forum was established for information sharing and discussions about critical issues. One of the more destructive aspects of social media has been attempts to make this work about personalities. Let’s focus primarily on the issues and from principled positions. There is an “Information Warfare” category for discussion and analysis of media and alt-media narratives but let’s try not to make it personal. Please make your critiques substantive. There may be some cases where questions about individual’s known associations, personal investments and/or ties to state intelligence are worth raising but let’s be thoughtful, truthful, and always keep the center of focus on the issues themselves, LRTB.

  • Take up personal issues or complaints with individual members privately. Do not use this forum to resolve personal conflicts.

  • No preaching or proselytizing. This forum is a place for people of different religious, non-religious and spiritual practices to come together in opposition to authoritarianism and systems destructive to natural life. Let’s respect each other’s faiths, or lack thereof, and work together towards our common interests and ethics. You don’t need to hide your faith, just don’t try to convert others here.

  • No cryptic or coded language. For the sake of this forum I probably don’t even need to say this but I’ve noticed some people on social media (particularly on Youtube) write bizarre comments that are difficult to decipher or understand. Please write in plain English. I’m all for creative writing but if a secret decoder ring is needed to understand your writing then this forum is not a good fit. There are however a lot of relevant industry and academic terms people are unfamiliar with. Those are acceptable. We have a “Glossary” category for clarifying those terms, which are actually important for us to understand as they are part of the professional lexicon used for group-think marketing, bureaucratic office-speak and concealment of some unethical intended outcomes.

  • Do not publish personal contact info like addresses, phone numbers or email addresses of individuals (even if that information can be found publicly). This creates an unnecessary liability.

Okay, now for some general guidelines. Things to strive for:

  • Be kind, be patient and try to give others the benefit of doubt. This is much easier said than done, especially in digital spaces and in a world where aggressive information warfare and deceptive perception management campaigns are being waged (with witting and unwitting participants). Additionally, comprehending these broad yet interconnecting subjects on their own is difficult, let alone seeing them as part of larger systems of domination. We are tasked with some serious heavy lifting but I think we’re up to it.

  • Participate and contribute with thoughtful intention. On social media we can sometimes get into the habit of scrolling through our feeds and sharing things without pause or critical thought. I’m hoping this forum is a place where we are intentional about what we share and why. A place with less memes and more deliberation and discernment about what we share and why. Even if you’re just sharing a link to a video or article perhaps add a sentence or two with your thoughts on it and why you think it’s significant?

  • Proactively engage with other members of this working group. The layout of this forum is a little different than social media feeds. The “Topics” (a.k.a. posts or threads) require you to click on them, which takes you to a new page. This seems like a minor thing but much of the interaction and exchanges that happen between people on big tech social media is greatly facilitated through the layout, appearance and ease of use of their platforms. People can view and make comments on many different posts while staying on the same page. Many have now become accustomed to having most their engagement without ever leaving a single page. (A lot of people don’t even visit individual blogs or independent websites anymore. They just respond to whatever shows up in their algorithmically managed feed). My concern with this forum is that members will create their own posts but not spend as much time reading or commenting on other’s posts (Topics). Please consciously carve out time to check out what other members are posting and add replies. I’m hoping to have many fruitful discussions here. There are even some tools that can help with engagement like tagging other members on posts you think might interest them.

  • Do your due diligence. Many of the mainstream media claims about disinformation and “fake news” online are actually just smear campaigns working to defame anyone promoting unapproved narratives or who are doing their own research. And the “fact checkers” are actually propaganda arms of power, often spreading disinformation themselves. Nevertheless, at any given time there is always a fair amount of false and misleading content circulating around and being used to distract and discredit those who stray from orthodoxy. To maintain integrity, let’s make an effort to do more of our own research and verify the research of others whose work we share. And when possible try and share primary sourced material. LRTB

  • Stick to the listed categories/subjects. The purpose of this forum is to be a research working group on the digital empire being constructed around us. This forum was not set up for discussing vaccines, viruses, or the debates around health science. Although many of those discussions and debates are very important (and some a distraction), that is not the focus of this forum. There are many many other places to have those discussions and debates. If you do wish to post something related to health or bodily autonomy, please be sure it is to address the topics this forum is focused on. For example, health passports related to geofencing or biosensor technology for surveillance connected to impact markets. If you have questions or if there is a category we are missing that you think should be included, please message me @Jason_Bosch

  • Avoid fear mongering. Part of the ongoing information war are narratives designed to incite fear in people. There are many end-of-the-world scenarios being promoted, the effect of which are to create panic, scapegoating or resignation. Although the research we are doing is uncovering some pretty upsetting things, this forum is not the place for those narratives.

What are you thoughts on these above intentions for this group? Are there things I missed? Anything you disagree with?

Here’s a picture of some nutritious food because…well, I just want there to be a photo thumbnail visible when scrolling through the topics. It looks nicer. :yum:


So, I’m wondering if this page will be visible to non-members? I really like what you’ve laid out here Jason. As people are inclined to invite new people, I think it would be great to have folks share this with prospects first, so that people can see what we are about and how we work. This is a different kind of space than most social media platforms right now and it might help you with the screening process if the folks you end up talking with are already familiar with the LRTB framework. If you like that idea maybe add one more bullet point with the primary research topics so that people have it all in once place?

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Hey all, I’ve added a new rule.

  • Do not publish personal contact info like addresses, phone numbers or email addresses of individuals (even if that information can be found publicly). This creates an unnecessary liability.

Please take note.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, J. Duly noted. Completely understand.

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