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I’ve been adding stuff today and after I made a few posts, I realized that given how quickly things change or get pulled down off the internet, it’s probably good practice to share links that have been backed up on wayback or archive. I know sometimes that throws the formatting off - so possibly include both?

Just drop it into “save page now” on right side and use the generated link: Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

Or at -

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It might be too technical but would it be possible to make links we post here automatically archivable? Or some easier way for people to archive their links when they make a comment?

I will look into that.

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I’ve added a sidebar with recent replies/excerpts on the home/latest page.

In order to make room I had do hide the replies, views and activity numbers columns. I think the trade-off is worth it. I’d rather feature content than statistics. Feel free to share your thoughts on this though.

Earlier I had added thumbnails and summaries, which also took up space. I’m trying to make the best use of this page that I’ve made the default home page.

How about including a Recommended Reading List? Favorite books, with optional reviews?


Great idea. Done!

Hi everyone, just a reminder. We don’t want this forum to just be another social media where we just post links. When you have a link to share, please write a little something about it. Like why you think it’s important for example. And when you can, take a little time to include some additional original research with it. Do a little follow up with the content. That’s where the real juicy stuff surfaces. LRTB! :smiley: