First hand account on how our children had their identities stolen from them

Not here trying to promote Ronnie Herman, but her experience of what happened throughout lock down is eye opening.
As we know here CV lock down measures where implemented with an emphasis on changing the minds of the very young than any other age group in society. Breaking our children down so they think of themselves as its and theys, 1s and 0s. Also an inappropriate emphasis on teaching gender identity to further confuse their developing minds. Ronnie Herman, gives an eye opening, first hand account of the extreme measures taken to separate children to change the way they think, as a means to program them for the cyborg world future. I think Ronnie is authentic on what she has experienced, but needs to throw away the political savior, freedom resistance stuff, evident from content on her recently started YouTube channel. Her content is telling at what level she is at on seeing the bigger picture. Hey, not giving up on her as we have all been there. I hope she will be receptive to what we are talking about here. I will try to contact her and see if I can bring her up to speed on WHY this covid locked was created.
Ronnie comes from the front lines of education so I think she would be a good person to work with. Her education background is a valuable asset to help capture attention to spread the message beyond where most people are today.
I think people like Ronnie coming from an education background could make a big difference. Crossing my fingers.


This reminded me that everyone is BC and elsewhere should have cognitive neuroscientist Adele Diamond on their radar. Her work in executive function and mindfulness are key - World Goodwill / Lucious Trust is Theosophy and the UN and probably the crown. They are pushing Montessori, because they need to coat children in sensors to steal their affect - mind - body - thinking. Play is not what we think it is. They want to co-opt creativity and imagination for their machines.

Note both UPenn and Swarthmore are Quaker affiliates.

@leo and @Jason_Bosch note that UBC is part of “Connected Learning In Crisis” which is ed-tech in refugee camps. Related to our discussion yesterday.

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Mastercard of course works with CCLC.

Looking at one of their case studies:

Working closely on-line with graduate students and on-line tutors at the University of Geneva Kakuma-based students assessed the incidence of snake bites in one large section of Kakuma refugee camp, proceeded to designing a citizen-science approach to mapping the camp via geo-locating snake bite sightings and incidences of snake bites via mobile phones, citizen reporting systems and local organisations. They have been coordinating the data collection with records on file with INGOs and UNHCR, and have been developing and enhancing a citizen alert system that would be progressively refined as more data are being processed during this research project.

One of the first initiatives to grow out of this research project was for UNIGE-InZone students to bring together parents in the community to alert them to the risks of snake bite in their immediate vicinity and on the way to school, so that their children would be able to choose the safest route. Going from admonishing children before they set off to school with “be mindful of snakes” to “this path is the safest” was made possible because higher education reimagined its role without abandoning its scientific rigor and supported the construction of indigenous knowledge that was highly relevant for the community.

They seriously just called a geo location/citizen science app ‘indigenous knowledge’…

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So how long do you figure before they’re going to get an interspecies currency in that camp?

Really, life remade and a next-gen frogger game where cars are replaced by vipers (a word that keeps coming up) and frogs are replaced by children trying to find the right path to the data-harvest learning pod as AI hedge funds bet on them. Only now you have another vertical in the Swiss data analysts mediating the real time geo-location data.

You can’t make this stuff up.