Finnish Failed Community Currency on UNESCO Heritage Island With Open Air Prison

I just started to read this paper, but I feel in my gut it’s very important - participatory community"art" linked to local currency (failed) on an historic island with an open air experimental prison.


“Meeting at the university Christian We had a number of meetings with the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT) about possible collaborations. There was a possibility of having a software developer from the university working on the project. We discussed repurposing the RFID tags that are inside the Helsinki travel cards. The tags are the same Mifare Ultralight that I had worked with in the Bijlmer Euro project. For HIIT, the main focus was on mobile phone development but they were also excited about the Bio Mapping project I had done many years ago , so they showed us their biometric sensor setup. In the end nothing seemed to come from these meetings. Perhaps the RFID technology we were talking about for this project was not novel enough for them to be interested, or they would have needed external funding to get involved. I think if we would have received major funding from the World Design Capital they would have been able to work with us.”