FFAR - government funding tokenized ecosystem services development

I am basically copy and pasting an email I just sent to Alison.

This organization was signed into law in the 2014 Agricultural Act by Obama. It federally funded but is also somehow funded in half by private donations. I am a little confused about this, but here is the contributors page

(gates, mcdonalds, syngenta, rockefeller, Kroger, Cargil, open Philanthropy network ect ect)

Its funded half of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (about 10m). Which as it sounds is doing all sorts of ecosystem services protocol development in the US.

Recent announcement on corn and soy conservation practices earning environmental credits

I just found about all of this, but this paper has alot of the details of their work

They say sustainCERT is their 3rd party impact verifier for the ESMC.

ESMC first to achieve multiple milestones

Totally using blockchain. They dont mention it on their website overtly but dont hide it either. sustainCERT CEO Marion Verles bio

Marion deeply believes “intelligent” measurement has the power to transform our societies for the better. AI, DLT, IOT, technology is generally part of her approach and you could say her head is in the cloud when it comes to changing the world. Marion’s ambiton is contagious and her humility is empowering. She is the kind of leader that values emotional intelligence, and when you combine that with her background in finance and business administration, considerable knowledge of the carbon markets and proven ability to bring groundreaking ideas to life, she is as good a CEO as it gets.

DLT for those who dont know is Distributed Ledger Technology and is basically a catch all for blockchain and blockchain like technologies.

And heres a 2019 report where she writes a chapter on blockchain for ag supply chain control f sustaincert.

I dont know, but it seems like a bit of a smoking gun, an agency created by gov funding blockchained ecosystem services IOT environment tokens.