Exploring and Unraveling Knotty Khipu/Kipu/Quipu/Qhipo ~ Linking to Previous Threads and PRETZELS (possibly even salt too?)

@quantumheartcafe Please chime in here, as this seems to be an interest of yours. :slight_smile:

This was posted by @AMcD 8 days ago on her Roger Bacon/Voynich Manuscript/NSA thread: Roger Bacon's Voynich Manuscript - Mary D'Imperio and the NSA



Um, could this be related?

HowStuffWorks – 26 Nov 18

Unraveling Khipu: The Inca Knot Language

The Incas were technologically advanced but never invented a system of written language. Turns out, they encoded more in textiles than we could have imagined possible.

Beginning uncharted territory here (this is an immense learning curve for me) . . .

Exploring this concept of Khipu/Quipu in the context of what seems to be an apparent (and quite prominent) presence of pretzel and knot symbolism in TV/film/literature . . .
It also shows up saliently in the cryptosphere . . .

Moving forward in this interrogation, keep in mind potentially related symbolism related to salt, thirst, water (primary water?), photonics, acoustics, and faith/religion.

Pretzel-speak referenced here on the forum thus far (forgive me for cutting/pasting errors):

In the image below (a screenshot I took from the video above), I see the imprinting of hearts, ears (acoustics), and even pretzels/knots — see the full video above for much better (and prominent) pretzel/knot imagery (refer to my other thread on PRETZELS: Little Demon – Episode 7 “Satan’s Lot” ~ Soulbound Tokens? - #16 by AMcD):


Seinfeld…these pretzels are making me thirsty…

These pretzels are making me thirsty - Seinfeld



@AMcD Watching it back . . . I actually remember that scene . . . I do not find it funny. Maybe I did the first time around?



It went viral - weirdly. We still say it at home at random times … definitely imprinting.



This is a really interesting synchronicity with pretzels because my mom bought a big bag of them a few days ago and I ate a few before coming onto the discourse forum. Another show that featured pretzels is the Simpsons, and it was a whole episode where Marge tries to start a Pretzel franchise, and it features the mob.

This clip also shows the association with Pretzels and baseball, I know if you are familiar with Michael Wann, he has the youtube channel called the Susquehanna Alchemist, and he did an presentation on baseball and it’s relationship with the entity Baal. I watched it a year ago, I haven’t been listening to his recent stuff though.

From the 40th Parallel - Episode 11.11Baal Consciousness and False Realities

and here come the pretzels

@Stephers I haven’t watch Little Demons, I did just watch a few clips and it reminds me of the movie ‘Devil’s Advocate’ which is another movie that Keenu Reeves stars in, as well as Al Pacino. I watched it recently, and it has a similar feel to Little Demons.

Knotty language referenced on the forum thus far (apologies if I missed some, and for being inept in cutting/pasting on this platform – you will have to click on various links for elaboration):


Yes it reminds me of the trefoil knot and I have started searching for relationships between the trefoil knot and water. Irvine Lab in U Chicago has an interesting clip of a trefoil knots in water.


trefoil knot in water reconnecting

The evolution of a trefoil vortex knot in water captured in 3D, featuring a detailed depiction of a reconnection event.http://irvinelab.uchicago.edu/gallery

The graphic for syllogism also reminds me of the water molecule and that is what encouraged me to look up the relationship between the Trefoil Knot and water.





I just watched this presentation called ‘Not Knot’ and it talks about how knots in math will have compliments ‘not a knot’ and studying compliments tells mathematicians what type of knot they are looking at

Not Knot

The thumb nail for the radio reminds me of the cover art for the textbook William Thurston wrote.


Three-Dimensional Geometry and Topology, Volume 1: (PMS-35): Thurston, William…

Three-Dimensional Geometry and Topology, Volume 1: (PMS-35): Thurston, William P., Levy, Silvio: 9780691083049: Books - Amazon.ca

It also reminds me of the battle room in Ender’s game, which also has a number of diamonds, which the children used for cover.

Enders Game - Battle Room



Then there is the figure eight knot, and that looks a lot like the logo for Meta and Pretzels


Figure-eight knot

The figure-eight knot or figure-of-eight knot is a type of stopper knot. It is very important in both sailing and rock climbing as a method of stopping ropes from running out of retaining devices. Like the overhand knot, which will jam under strain, often requiring the rope to be cut, the figure-eight will also jam, but is usually more easily undone than the overhand knot. The figure-eight or figure-of-eight knot is also called (in books) the Flemish knot. The name figure-of-eight knot appears i…

Continuing down this knotty path . . . with some Khipu/Quipu additions . . . (As of now, I do not yet know what will come of this knot exploration; however, it seems it may offer a crucial piece to the puzzle we are constructing, as members of the Wrench in the Gears Working Group.)


Andrzej Stasiak, Associate Professor

Andrzej Stasiak received his PhD in 1981 from the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. From 1981 to 1989 he was a postdoctoral fellow and research associate in the laboratory of Prof. Theodor Koller at the Institute for Cell Biology, ETH, Zürich, Switzerland. In 1989 he joined UNIL and worked till 2007 in the Laboratory of Ultrastructural Analysis directed by Prof. Jacques Dubochet. In 2007 he joined the Center for Integrative Genomics as Maître d’Enseignement et de Recherche. In 2015, for his research in computational biology, the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) gave him the status of SIB group leader. In 2016 he was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor.

The main interest of our group is directed towards understanding underlying physical causes and biological mechanisms responsible for the spatial organization of genomes, starting with arrangements of DNA in phage capsids and ending with interphase chromosomes of higher eukaryotes. We are especially interested in the mechanism of formation of topologically associated domains (TADs) in eukaryotic chromosomes. We also study effects of such topological constraints as supercoiling and knotting on the properties of DNA molecules and chromatin fibers. We are also interested in the mechanism of folding and function of knotted proteins. Numerical simulations constitute the main method applied by our group.

The best of AI for Latin America

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of people and increase the prosperity of businesses, but solving a problem as hard as intelligence will require a diversity of thought and the best minds from every corner of the globe. Our mission is to support the advancement of Latin American talent, research, and companies in AI through an annual event.

Khipu 2023 will take place March 6-10 at the Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de la República in Montevideo, Uruguay. The primary goals of the event are:

  • To offer training in advanced machine learning topics, such as deep learning and reinforcement learning.
  • To strengthen the machine learning community by fostering collaborations between Latin American researchers, and creating opportunities for connections and knowledge exchange with the broader international community.
  • To grow awareness around how AI may be used for the benefit of Latin America

In the hopes of inspiring wide and diverse participation, there will be no registration fees for accepted students and Khipu will provide financial assistance for travel expenses to select applicants. The event format is largely inspired by the success of our friends at the Deep Learning Indaba. We are very thankful to our sponsors and speakers for their invaluable support.


KHIPU Networks is a privately owned award winning international Cyber Security Company delivering a wide range of network, wireless and security solutions, technologies and services across multiple sectors. Founded in 2005, KHIPU Networks’ ethos has always been to work in partnership with customers, to understand their environments and challenges so that we can design and deploy ‘Best of Breed’ solutions that enable them to meet their strategic goals.

KHIPU Networks expanded to Africa in 2012 and have an office in Mauritius and two offices in South Africa which includes a Security Operations Centre (SOC) to increase the reach and functionality of our managed services, specifically our Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) focus.

KHIPU’s main focusses as a business are:

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  • To have exceptional customer references, enabling our business to grow and who will provide testimonials to customers who are considering our solutions.


Kipu Quantum is a German quantum computing startup that currently works in stealth mode. We design quantum computing products that fulfil customer needs and/or solve real problems at different business scales. We operate at the intersection between customer use cases, quantum hardware, and quantum algorithms, which we develop in-houses. Kipu Quantum engages in the challenge of providing industrial quantum advantage sooner than competing approaches.

How is Kipu different?

Its unique technological approaches allow to solve industry-relevant problems while slashing requied physical qubit numbers down by several order of magnitude. Already starting from several hundred qubits, i.e. already during the current NISQ (Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum) era of quantum hardware development, commercial usefulness can be achieved for suitable application domains.

Novel algorithmic compression methods and unique hardware-software co-design capabilities allow to arrive at the Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Advantage (NISQA) paradigm invented by Prof. Solano in the near-term future. Implementations of this paradigm will lead to practical usefulness of application-specific quantum computers, challenging or outperforming classical – i.e. non-quantum – high-performance computer systems at a fraction of the costs.

In contrast, conventional approaches requiring huge qubits counts typically numbering in the millions and elaborate qubit error-correction capabilities. Both of these requirements are far beyond the reach of current scientific and engineering capabilities, i.e. they can at best only emerge many years after NISQA will have established itself.

Kipu Quantum’s solutions deliver value to its clients by providing usefulness through a careful selection, development, and integration of best-of-breed components that make up a turn-key deployment, from the underlying hardware, all the way up to the application software level. Kipu’s tech is largely hardware-agnotic, i.e. compatible with all leading quantum hardware technologies and platforms, such as superconducting qubits, ion traps, cold atoms, NV centers or photonic quantum computing. The company proved its ability to solve big problems on small hardware in several benchmarking studies for use cases such as financial portfolio optimization, protein folding, molecular modeling, combinatorial optimization and factorization.

Kipu is currently testing its technology with customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, logistics, artificial intelligence, and finance industries.

This positions Kipu Quantum at the nexus of market demand and commercial use cases on one hand, and the whole spectrum of available technical approaches on the other hand.

Application-specific quantum computing since 2011

Our co-founder and Chief Scientist Prof. Dr. Enrique (Kike) Solano has a long track record in the quantum computing space. Since more than a decade, with his first pioneering publications having been published in 2011, he and his global collaborators have been developing the scientific foundation behind our key technology concepts.


Quipu is a technology company focused on building blockchain and distributed
Ledger technology service platforms for the secured Internet/Integration of Things (IoT). Our current platform StreamIoT™ stores device information to securely protect the data, the device authentication and the privacy of information.

Speaking at the event…

Duane Jacobsen

Duane Jacobsen

Jacobsen is a veteran fintech professional with 35 years of experience in executive management, operations, product development, sales, marketing, including accounting and financial expertise. He has been recognized for his exceptional achievements, including American Express’s Premier Award ‘The Chairman’s Award for Quality’ and the Paybefore™ ‘Award for Best Government-Funded Program’ for the BenefitsDirect Platform. Jacobsen has focused expertise in developing disruptive and award-winning fintech platforms, products, and services.

His background includes a 10-year tenure at American Express, where his work resulted in several patents in the US, Canada and internationally; Jacobsen is also the co-inventor of TicketTRAX for American Express. Following that, he served in executive leadership roles for Total Systems Services (TSYS) and Prepaid Resources, where he led several cross-functional teams responsible for card platform functionality management, new prepaid card products, and processing component development through issuing banks and card program sponsors and marketers for clients such as Walmart, RushCard, MoneyGram and Green Dot.

Jacobsen serves as Founder and President of MET Solutions LLC, and currently serves as Board Member and Advisor for Blocksafe Holdings Inc and Quipu. Jacobsen is also Acting President/COO for Trefoil Technology (Prepaid Resources). Jacobsen earned his bachelor’s from Rutgers University (Accounting and Finance) and attended The Wharton School in a special executive management class program sponsored by American Express. Jacobsen has met the mandate for accountant licensure in the State of NJ and completed Six Sigma Green Belt classes.

Duane Jacobsen

Board Member and Advisor



Duane Jacobsen

CEO Unnapp LLC & Co-Founder Hydra Network

Pine Brook, New Jersey, United States

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-NewarkRutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Newark

External link

External link

External link


Expertise: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Block, Hash, Mining, Altcoins, Cryptocurrency, Wallets, Exchanges, Electronic payments, Payment card, Mobile Payment, Financial Services Industry, Network Branded Prepaid Card Programs, Payments Industry, Debit Card, Payments Products, Issuer, Payment Systems, Transaction Processing, Processors, Contactless, Merchant Processing, Wallet, Licensed Accountant, FinTech, ACH, Payment Solutions, Electronic Bill Payment, Patents, Value Proposition, Risk , Compliance, AML, Six Sigma, Processing platform, Remittance, Global payment, New payment, Card products, Product innovation, New card
Experience: Trefoil- Prepaid Resources, American Express, TSYS, Clarity Payment Solutions

Articles by Duane

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KEEP CALM while you Warp Speed Ahead!

By Duane Jacobsen

Feb 18, 2015
](KEEP CALM while you Warp Speed Ahead!)


Chief Executive Officer

Unnapp LLC

Sep 2019 - Present 3 years 2 months

Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States

Technology Stack for Decentralized Application Development and Deployment.
Powered by an open-source blockchain network of decentralized apps and smart contracts

  • Blocksafe Holdings Inc. Graphic

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Jan 2021 - Present1 year 10 months

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Blockchain for the Integration of Things

  • Trefoil Technology LLC - Prepaid Resources LLC Graphic

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MET Solutions LLC - Brands: Everything Prepaid Debit,
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Treasurer, Board of Managers

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Woodland Cemetery Company, Newark NJ
Founded 1855

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Blocksafe Holdings Inc.

Apr 2018 - Oct 20187 months

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Vice President


2004 - 2007 3 years

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Vice President

TSYS Prepaid Inc.

2003 - 2007 4 years

Product and Processing Platform Development Leadership. TSYS purchased Clarity Payment Solutions - VP Product Development at Clarity 2003-2004

Director, Global Prepaid Distribution Implementation

American Express

1993 - 2003 10 years

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Stevens Travel Management & Insight Data

1984 - 1993 9 years

Financial & Data Management - Technology Development


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Newark

BS Accounting and Finance

1977 - 1980

Stephen Ministries

Leader - Teacher Stephen Ministries LeaderCertified Teacher

2013 - 2013


Clifton High School

High School DiplomaCollege/University Preparatory and Advanced High School/Secondary Diploma Program

1972 - 1976

Licenses & Certifications

  • Internet of Things: Business Implications and Opportunities Graphic

Internet of Things: Business Implications and Opportunities

MIT Sloan School of Management

Issued Dec 2019

Credential ID 14290800

See credentialExternal link


Issued August 4, 2005United States2005/0256750 A1

An automated method and system for refunding the unused portion of an electronic ticket are provided. In accordance with the method, an aging period is set and is added to the scheduled departure date of the issued ticket. If the scheduled departure date plus the aging date is earlier than the current date, a determination is made as to whether the ticket has been used. If the ticket has not been used, the residual value of the ticket is calculated and a refund is issued.

See patentExternal link

United States

A system and method are provided which provide the ability for third parties such as account issuers, for example, to easily initiate direct deposit enrollments on behalf of accountholders

See patentExternal link

See patentExternal link


Excellent links - I will add that Latin America is being heavily targeted through the InterAmerican Development Bank / World Bank for social impact finance - both in human capital poverty management via Conditional Cash Transfers and biodiversity in reefs and rainforests.

There is a new empire being raised up in code. There are esoteric aspects merging with cutting edge tech. The role of the Inca, Maya, and Aztecs - their communication systems, medicines, math, and astronomical cosmologies are very important. Not to mention corn and tobacco.

I’m wondering how the knot theory in DNA fits with the ideas @jenlake is exploring around proteins and epigenetics.


I am re-posting this video in the thread, as I think it serves as a striking presentation of encoded knots/pretzels/Khipu. See if you agree, and if you notice any resemblance between the embedded imagery (amidst a blatant photonics presentation) and the various images I posted above (including company logos) . . .

Some screenshots of the video, which may help to further elucidate this knotty (and topological) template:




@AMcD Note Gary Urton’s connection to UI-Urbana-Champaign (think Andreessen and Stephenson and cryptography)

Also, Gary Urton was reportedly born in Clovis, New Mexico . . . Home of Cannon AFB (hub of Psychological Warfare:

Base units include:

One of four groups assigned to the 27th Special Operations Wing. The group accomplishes global special operations taskings as an Air Force component member of the United States Special Operations Command. It conducts infiltration/ exfiltration, combat support, helicopter and tilt-rotor aerial refueling, psychological warfare and other special missions. It directs the deployment, employment, training and planning for seven squadrons that operate the CV-22 Osprey, AC-130W Stinger II, MC-130J, MQ-1B Predator, MQ-9 Reaper, and various light and medium transport aviation.

I will say the part with the houses and the phone handset brought to mind the ET phone home scene from my youth…it actually goes with her lyrics. In this clip with have a young Drew Barrymore.

And a cameo from the Texas Instruments Speak and Spell (I think) @ldaven
Note cartoon page with Saturn behind it.

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The fact that the strings with knots are made from the wood of llama and alpaca called to mind your comprehensive “Free Wally” post on camelid-based nano-bodies. @stephers

Let’s return to the topic of llamas and a more detailed discussion of nanobodies — within the context of COVID.

Llamas belong to a group of mammals called camelids, which also includes camels and alpacas. They produce antibodies which are much smaller than humans (about half the size, according to Argonne National Laboratory scientist Andrzej Joachimiak), which are referred to as nanobodies.

The “lovable” llamas used in current nanobody experimentation actually have names. One of the llamas central to the study of camelid-based nanobodies is named “Wally.” On March 9, 2021, Andre Salles of Argonne National Lab wrote: “Isolating these tiny nanobodies is tricky, since the body generates an enormous number of them and only a small fraction is intended to fight a particular virus. That’s exactly the problem that Yi Shi, professor of cell biology at the University of Pittsburgh, is trying to fix. In a paper published in Science, Shi and his colleagues unveiled a new advanced mass spectroscopy method of analyzing those nanobodies from samples of llama blood. The result . . . is a large set of nanobodies that bind well to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. . . . Shi’s experiment began with a llama, this one named Wally because he resembles (and therefore shares a name with) his black Labrador. The team immunized Wally against SARS-CoV-2, waiting two months for nanobodies to be generated, and then . . . used their new method to analyze the nanobodies, identify and quantify them. They ended up with 10 million nanobody sequences.”

Salles elaborated, “These nanobodies can sit at room temperature for six weeks, and are small enough that they can be aerosolized, meaning therapeutics designed from them can be inhaled directly to the lungs instead of moving through the bloodstream (emphasis added) . . . ‘With this method we can discover thousands of distinct, ultrahigh-affinity nanobodies for specific antigen binding,’ Shi said. ‘These nanobodies may or may not provide a treatment for COVID-19, but the technology used to isolate them will be important in the future. . .’ . . . ‘From crystal structures determined from data collected at [the Advanced Photon Source] APS and the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL), we were able to identify the binding sites of the nanobodies on the SARS-CoV-2 receptor binding domain,’ [Ian] Wilson said. ‘The X-ray structural information, combined with cryo-electron microscopy data, was used to help design even more potent multivalent antibodies to prevent COVID-19 infection. The X-ray structural work was greatly facilitated by immediate access to the APS.’ Only time (and further tests) will tell whether the various nanobodies will translate into effective treatments against COVID-19. But if they do, we’ll have the lovable llama to thank for it.”

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@AMcD Yes, thank you for making that connection. I had actually seen a direct reference to camelid fiber (from camels) somewhere in the material I reviewed. I will try to track that down. This Khipu stuff is a lot to take in and grasp. I got a little frazzled with it. It helps to finally lay it out here on this platform to gain more clarity.

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TBH that ET tableau with the Speak and Spell (get it spell) seems highly imprinted.

Do you also see the coffee can? I can’t read the brand - Latin America

Also the flowers (silk?) in the flower pot - weird. Like it’s not a house plant.

I’ve had a lot of conservations with @cliffgomes1 about healers in Latin America working through trance-like states to communicate with flowers about how to address problems / disease, etc.

Also seems to be sitting on some piece of electronic equipment.

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Camelid fiber is mentioned here – for starters . . .


This khipu, like others, is made out of twisted fiber cords. Some may be dyed camelid fibers, most are cotton.

Kind of puts the ethnographers in a new light - rather than documenting “primitive cultures” more likely they were doing covert intelligence gathering on sophisticated communication technologies that have since been suppressed in public realms.


I found the link I was recalling (and I wanted to mention Sabine Hyland anyway, as she is a key researcher in this space, along with Gary Urton):

Anthropologist Sabine Hyland was invited by community members to study the strings — the first outsider permitted to view them — but only for 48 hours and under constant supervision.

In 2003, Urton proposed a model for this order, arguing that khipus recorded information using an ancient binary code. Just as computers can encode anything through sequences of 0s and 1s, the khipu symbolized ideas through features of the strings that are inherently binary, such as the S or Z knots, clockwise or counterclockwise ply, and fibers of cotton or animal fiber. At the time, Urton identified seven binary features, which would allow for 128 distinct signs. Including different colors would make over 1,000 signs. He did not think the system was alphabetic, with signs representing sounds. Rather, he saw it as semasiographic: Signs had meanings, similar to musical notes and mathematical symbols.

Urton’s model comes from patterns observed in the khipus, influenced by ethnographic research. He’s spent years living in Andean villages, learning how the people view the world, how they classify things and organize society. His unique insights, says Hyland, are the result of “his very deep knowledge and understanding of Andean culture and just having looked at so many khipus for so long.”

As messages, these khipus probably end with the names of the senders. According to the villagers, one of the khipus was created by the Alluka lineage. Relating the sounds in this name to variables in the final strings, Hyland proposed a phonetic decipherment of it. For instance, she hypothesized that the final “ka” sound is represented by a blue S-ply cord of llama wool. The correlation makes sense because ankas was the regional dialect word for blue.


@AMcD Highly likely, YES.

To this end, I think the Discover magazine article I linked above offers numerous (pun intended) winks and tells . . . I think it is curious that Urton was born near Cannon AFB (home to special ops/psyops). I think it is close to Roswell, if I am not mistaken. Also, this common link to UIUC (with Andreessen and Stephenson) seems worthy of exploring. Is it notorious for studies in cryptography/cryptology? See link below.



@AMcD Well, this presentation certainly depicts why it is that every time I see the Khipu, all I can see is blockchain:

Khipu Blockchain

We are developing a blockchain platform and a cryptocurrency to be applied specifically to the tourism market.

Also, we will develop some applications for the various segments of this market, such as, Vacation Rental, Hotels, Tickets, Car Rental, among others.

All transactions made through our applications will be paid using our cryptocurrency.

As all transactions in the blockchain are peer to peer, using such technology allows eliminating the intermediation costs, which will reduce the cost of customers and will increase the profits of the service providers.


I will come back to this in a few days, I am working long hours at work for the next couple of days. I will leave this here as not only does he mention pretzels and bagels (everything bagel @AMcD ) but he also mentions vortices and topology.

The office also had an episode featuring pretzels, and we rewatched the clip, and Narnia is mentioned again.

I wonder if the everything bagel, topology and Smart cities are interrelated too. Like I a photo of a mirror that looked like the everything bagel at the Amazing Brentwood (will see if I can find it later).


Ack - this is a whole other wrinkle on Philadelphia’s soft pretzel tradition. Selling soft pretzels used to be a regular fundraiser for schools.


he Federal Pretzel Baking Company began with the Nacchio family’s small bakery, which they grew into a large-scale manufacturing business of soft pretzels, using a secret recipe.[2]

Maria and Giuseppe Nacchio owned a small Italian-American Italian artisan bread bakery where Maria made baked-style soft pretzels.[3] The bakery was located in the heart of an Italian-American neighborhood, in South Philadelphia. During the 1920s, her son, Edmund, saw a business opportunity with the popularity of the soft pretzel and the family recipe. He started a factory to bake them in larger quantities. He combined the manual skills of workers hand-twisting the pretzels with a conveyor system of equipment, imported from Germany, that moved the pretzels to a soaking solution and through baking ovens. The mass production operation thereby became the Federal Pretzel Baking Company.

Also looking into Aunt Annie’s pretzels - this story is linked to Amish, child loss, sexual abuse Downingtown, PA Farmer’s Market, and faith-based social entrepreneurship. This woman has been promoted by Oprah. The opening scene of her bio-pic indicates a fancy home in Salado. TX which is north of Austin. @ldaven

They are raising money for community counseling and her program comes with a “story starter” template. @stephers


Just came across this older blog - seems to have stopped in 2014 - on geometric modeling.

I am not a math person, but I find the diagrams and mobile illustrations here helpful to the voronoi, knot theory discussion.

This one about dipoles and toroidal vertices brought to mind the diagrams we saw at the Walter Russel museum.

Some of this makes me think of Escher’s drawings and his influence on father and son Penrose.

This one reminded me of skerry, though I guess skerry stand alone and are not bunched up together.

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@AMcD YIKES! I grew up on Philadelphia soft pretzels – probably my favorite treat as a child, besides funnel cake! As an adolescent, I also had my share of Auntie Anne’s – enjoyed at the Willow Grove Mall:

Tsk Tsk. Some dark soft pretzel history.

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Note the halo over the Aunt Annie’s pretzel log.

Posting this here from @cliffgomes1 - video on the healer to speaks with flowers. Cliff, you can just scroll to the bottom of a given post and hit “reply” and it should open a window for your comment.


@AMcD Interesting. Now that I am looking at it – the halo and pretzel appear (to me at least) to be contained in a stylized jar. I get the sense of containment – as in, imprisonment – when I see this. It feels restrained and restricted.

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Programing our young ones for the fintech future, F#$@kers!!! They need to die!!!