Evolutionary Economics

As I see it, biophysics and digital currency were prerequisites for advancing evolutionary economics towards collective consciousness.



So disturbing. Here’s the pdf of the full article. IEEE Xplore Full-Text PDF:

This is completely nut-crackers. The capitalized term Friendly AI (oh, FRIENDLY, so I guess we don’t have to worry…) stands out, as does her use of the word “species” in “multi-species intelligence”. This verbal sleight of hand endows digital algorithms with personhood, or at least creature-hood, by dubbing them “species”.
I was searching for an illustrated book on the evolution of techno-human hybrids (that was a coffee-table book at a basement-level Cambridge coffee house, half a mile from MIT back in the 90’s). I haven’t determined whether I found that book, but I did come across this in the process:

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Exactly why the eugenics historical context in light of planned disruptive automation is so important - things that jumped out to me

water in birth
financialized human life
gaming embryology
Quechua cosmology

Of course the editor is affiliated with Rice. Julian Huxley would be pleased as punch.