Encoding - Deadly Algal Bloom Lake Merrit in Oakland

Interested if anyone has thoughts on possible encoding of this story, which given its location in the heart of meta-verse territory seems significant. Someone who lives nearby sent it to me. I’m thinking of how this may relate to recent developments around water access, dead pools, etc.

Lake Merritt is a lake in Oakland that is open to the ocean, so brackish with a really complex ecosystem. There was a bloom of heterosigma algae that killed off most of the fish in the lake and other life forms.

As I read this I’m thinking these events will advance shift to syn-bio “fertilizer” as I suspect the transition out of nitrogen-based fertilizers is underway (not that I’m a fan of that model). I think this will be turned into an impact market - @leo you mentioned insurance, fertilizer, and seeds are often sold -pre-packaged and in that way with the World Food Programme they can create the datasets they need to fulfill the deals.

It seems this algae has bio-luminscent properties and can cause death of fish by gill damage - hypoxia.

It also seems to me that this might relate to population growth modeling with mathematical implications - complexity theory, etc.


Also @leo the algae is mentioned in this recent ecosystem services paper focused on a Chilean island.

Oh, look. A plug for citizen science, too @leo. "

" Another thing anyone can do to help is to document living and dead organisms you might see around the lake on the iNaturalist.org app. This crowdsourced website helps researchers pinpoint where different species are turning up."

Oldest wildlife refuge 1870.

@AMcD I am just seeing this now. I have some thoughts on this. I will get started with a few links/leads, and then circle back with a new reply.

Note that I was unable to find legitimate information online confirming that the first two bolded names embedded in the article I link below are actually real people. The names are curious, as is the languaging - especially Tor. I get a strong sense that “Tyraa Royal” may be invoking Tyrian purple:

“It smells like a can of sardines that’s been rotten …” said Tor Camorlinda, who lives near the lake.

“It’s usually – I mean, you get some sea smell but this is, this is rancid, almost,” said hiker Tyraa Royal.

Over the past week, city crews were busy removing the smelly fish carcasses from the shoreline and it appears they did a remarkable job.

To finish the cleanup, the city called in a vessel that looks like it comes from a bygone era. Half pontoon boat, half paddle-wheeler, the strange-looking craft circled the lake, collecting any remaining dead fish floating in the water.

Recommended video: Odd paddle-wheel boat cleans Oakland’s Lake Merrittt

Odd paddle-wheel boat cleans Oakland’s Lake Merrittt

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Rick Hutton, owner of Aquatic Harvesting, pilots the specialized skimmer craft. It lowers a conveyer belt into the water, usually to remove unwanted vegetation. He contracts with various lake managers up and down the West Coast, removing decaying material from just under the surface.

“Cleaning up this water, it’s just going to make the lake much nicer, not just for recreation but it’s healthier,” he explained on a website video. “You know, if this stays here, the stuff starts to rot and decompose and it’s just going to get messy.”

The skimmer has operated in Lake Merritt before, usually removing dead plants but, on Saturday, it was on the prowl for dead fish and, as he watched from the shore, Frank Gonzales seemed fascinated by the whole process.

“I’ve seen it operate a lot of times – different times of the day – and it picks up a lot of stuff,” he said. “And so, if they wouldn’t have this, I don’t know how they would get the stuff out of here. So, good job, man!”

Hutton said that, by early afternoon, he only found a few fish and a dead ray, so the lake may be getting close to normal again. Some who have been watching the skimmer operate are beginning to consider it a tourist attraction.

“If there was something posted that, ‘hey, the skimmer’s here and here’s the history of it’-- that would be super cool, you know?” Camorlinda said.

Of course, the city probably doesn’t mind giving visitors to Lake Merritt something different to look at than what they were seeing – and smelling – last week.


To assure that our company is managed properly we’ve established an advisory panel of senior managers from the Legal, Construction, Banking, High-Tech, and Hydrology fields.

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I’m thinking that Kunz uses the term “ray” as in “manta ray” to described biological field theory.

Aerial fire fighting that sprays blood red fire retardant should not be discounted as the cause of the algae bloom.

Small time logger from my home town Wayne Coulson will most likely become a billionaire in short time. Recently bought six 737. His aerial fire fighting company that sprays toxic fire retardant and who knows what else operates out of Canada, California, Chili and Australia. He was a warded a US air force contract to manufacture the tanker system out of foggy Port Alberni. A tanker system that could possibly have a duel purpose use for spraying toxic chemicals at low and high elevations (Think Chemtrails). Just saying!

“Process with the US military has taken far longer than anyone of us has hoped” says Wayne Coulson. When someone gets involved with making money with the US military it is a guarantee that you will need to loss your soul.
Just saying!

Think about it folks, the authorities will not all this toxic blood red fire retardant to be dropped near populated areas for fear of contaminating the water, but it is ok to drop this toxic stuff on a distant forest teaming with wild life. Something is not right!

Yes! Monsanto is one of the main manufactures of aerial fire fighting retardant, which is the same company that manufactured agent orange and other toxic agriculture fertilizer products. Interesting!


Very much related. Thank you Gino.