Edward Snowden's Wife Lindsay Mills ~ Metaverse/Spatial Web/Optics/Photonics/Cloud Minds Expressed in Self Portraits?

This one (below) she named “photon”:

Snowden joins in the fun here. She named this one “gameboy” . . . revealing?

Once again, Snowden joins her. This one is jokingly called “citizenfive”:

A Snowden cameo:

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Definitely optics / photonics. Was this all one photo shoot?

My understanding – from her Twitter account – is that these were taken over a span of time (not one photo shoot). This is her form of art. I pulled these shots from Twitter.

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Coincidentally, I was just reading an article about the story of Jeffrey Dahmer purportedly murdering Steven Tuomi, and placing his dead body in a suitcase to transport him.

Incidentally, there is a suitcase brand called Tumi (Tuomi, sans the “o”). I do not think that is the brand featured in this particular image; however, I find it interesting that Lindsay is inside a suitcase:

From another article (who/what writes this stuff?):

According to Dahmer, he didn’t actually plan on killing Tuomi. However, the next morning, he woke and discovered that he had drunkenly beaten the young man to death with his bare hands.

Panicked and hungover, he hid the body in a closet and then walked to the nearest mall, where he purchased a suitcase.

After shoving the 24-year-old’s remains into the suitcase, he proceeded to wheel it down the street and flag down a taxi.

The driver, who helped him load his “luggage” into the vehicle, allegedly remarked, “Boy, this is heavy. Have you got a dead body in here?” In response, Dahmer laughed and said, “Yes.”

When Dahmer arrived back at his grandmother’s house, he left Tuomi’s body in the suitcase for a week before he eventually decided that he needed to do something about it.

At that point, he dismembered his victim’s remains, removed the flesh and organs, and broke the bones down into smaller pieces using a hammer.

Once he had separated everything out into smaller pieces, he put them into trash bags and left them at the curb.

I don’t know about her photo shoots but the company Booze Allen Hamilton, whom Snowden used to work for, is sure up to a lot.

They created the Recreation.gov (yes, .gov!) website and a cloud portal (in 2018) for managing all camping and recreation permits on public lands.

Further privatization and commodification of “public” lands with permission based access through digital ID in the Metaverse. Even public lands are being captured. I’m sure there is more to this story.

And then there’s their partnership with NVIDIA on a “Cyber Precog Flyaway Kit” called Morpheus.

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