Disturbing TED Talk on Sensor-Based Plant Decision Making / Economies and Interspecies AR Relationality


Cecilia is a Principal and Future Synthesist at Futurity Studio and former Senior Social Technologist at Alfa Telefònica Innovation. As a serial entrepreneur, she is the founder of multiple companies, MOB, the largest co-working community in Barcelona, and FabCafe, digital fabrication lab meets coffee shop, and all.womentech, an AI training school form women for women.

She is one of the Moonshot Captains of Moonshot Thinking Masterclass curated by the Futur/io Instute, where she talks about:

  • Artefacts from the future
  • Designing for Moonshots
  • World building


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Enough of this AI stuff, going for a hike to Robertson river falls to see some real trees. Nothing AI there. I am on the scout for a ground water spring that feeds the falls. Possibly a primary water source. The water at the bottom of this spectacle 200 foot high water fall is crystal clear Mediterranean blue, which is interesting. Quite a contrast to the beautiful green further down stream where my salmon fry friends are. It is my new hang out. Did not know it existed until three weeks ago. Another beautiful spot to escape the AI madness.