Convergence - Order from Chaos - Cybernetic Society, Parametric Energy Pulses, Denial of the Sacred Feminine

Ok, I need some help thinking through this, but I believe I’m onto something. Look over the screenshots. The first is from a talk given by Ervin Lazslo to the Baha’i in 1989 about global peace and convergence with “unity through diversity.” The second is from the paper I shared about complexity theory in Stephenson’s sci-fi books touching on the emergence of life from non-life at the edge where order meets chaos. This is needed to facilitate energy storage for the catalysts for the change of random molecules into patterns than hold and maintain form.

This leads me to wonder about the push for cybernetic society - that is a circle that is the delineation of “order” from “chaos.” I’d guess it goes back to Ouroboros. And is the energy currency - programmable money and perhaps its method of transfer being woven into our very biology through nano-tech?

Is this doughnut economy (torus) or smart mega-cities meant to serve as an energy exchange medium - the edge described - to turn some form on non-life information system into a sentient entity? Maybe that’s what Reiser was talking about? Is it an egregore replacing a sacred natural noosphere and trying to use it to join the living?

Convergence was a term used in one of the early education policy documents that came out of Knowledgeworks in Cincinnati - the University of Cincinnati Medical School being a key player in certain research. I know @jenlake knows about that.

Also when reading Lazslo’s quote I can’t help thinking of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and his idea that “world peace” was necessary for the convergence, so that is a cybernetic global control grid.

Also @leo I see the word “parametric” used, here. How best to control populations in the cybernetic structure than through disruptions to living conditions and access to basic necessities like water. I know they are cultivating mass dispossession? They can influence the weather. Somehow I feel like the weather derivatives and insurance products are counting among the tools they are using to use us as puppets to generate their desired hypercycles. @Stephers

And it also makes me think about the push for holons and decentralized nodes - that by creating many, many circles you exponentially expand the edges you have and the potential for emergent behavior, right?

Also the idea of hormesis and hopeful monsters - that low-level stress causes changes that lead to more adaptation. What if ongoing austerity and UBI and managed scarcity are some attempt at a social science of hormesis? What if the subscription renter economy is actually social hormesis? And that by putting UBI on blockchain it will transmit the dynamic pattern of behaviors out to the edge of chaos in a way that allows information yet non-living to continue its progression towards self-organization and “life”? @Jason_Bosch @leo

And for me the mechanical / engineered emergence from computers is a parallel to natural life and embryology, the fear of which is perhaps personified in the Vagina Dentata. I sense this relates to stumbling blocks put in our path as we get closer to the truth of the matter. @Stephers I really think that innate intuition is important and perhaps inclined to the feminine, which may trigger intense pushback from data rationalists or cause attempts at misdirection away from the path we are on.

Note that Cambridge is also where they are monitoring data-used by crypto currencies. I believe this is to set up futures markets in “just transition” with inflated baselines, but also the energetic control grid will be key in catalyzing new forms of “life” for information fields - the injection or pulsing of energy?

That feels like the dual use of the concept of “parametric” as in insurance @leo. It is the pulsing, the controlled management of information fields whether it be information warfare, supply chain scarcity, weather, currency exchange - that is the trigger point. Managing the “current” to use existing life forms to create “life” from “non-life.” And also it is a technique from which to derive isotopes - CRAZY!


Thats a good way of describing it, life happens at the interfaces. The more edges incorporated into the cybernetic system the more they can monitor emerging behaviors and benefit themselves from it.

So I believe parametric insurance explicitly refers to the percentage likelihood of a specific outcome. The parameters are the chance of say inches of rainfall in a certain area.

Below is from the isotope paper you link, the difference they cite from regular equilibrium reactions is the periodic changes in ‘parameters’ such as temperature and pressure which in part govern the chemical reaction. I cant quite conceptualize why this works but they talk about how the pumping or oscillation of the parameter (temperature being the best) increases the separation. I guess its not at all different conceptually from the Dewey cycles work in that the pulsing would be used to affect/dampen/exacerbate the cycles

I don’t really buy that the goal is just about making this artificial noosphere (coercing will/creativity into cybernetic enclosure) alive.

Its difficult, but once we have to consider the mental space, we cant solely depend on physical source materials to try to understand what is happening. We have to deal with the (most probable) fact that there are a wide variety of intelligences/lifeform in the universe that engage with us on many levels, often in the mental space. Id say anyone who meditates or seeks alter states of consciousness (dreams, ritual, dance, sweating, plants, ect) at least vaguely believes this the case.

It deserves another thread, but I think limiting the analysis to a perspective that infers we are alone or have preeminent level of intelligence compared to other life, will always leave a murkier understanding of the implications of what’s has been unfolding with the technology, synthetic biology, artificial noosphere ect. The catalyzing artificial life or the ‘singularity’ I feel are in part to distract us from seriously engaging and interrogating the mental/energetic space.


Yes, I can see that. I have a friend who has a lot of experience in those other energetic realms and benefit from his perspective.


If I could wish you something with a little puff of air, with a soft sigh or a playful nudge that moved the universe such that into your life came the appearance and steady presence of relational elegance, or just more of it than you experience now, I would, and maybe I just did. Yes, I think those lines just written are the precursor, the birthplace of the oncoming eventuality whose echo will circle around to inspire the next round of intuitions and to become the happy wind in your sails.

I think the stuff and bits of things that appear as biology or its digital imposters are less important than the artist, and that if we somehow untangle the artist from identifying as their art, we can start to pay more attention at the level of influence, of what it is they’re listening to. I think imagining biology as more than a window confuses things and has a powerful influence on how we relate to each other.

Ideas that confuse and confound someone’s ability to be in easy and open conversation, to be in steady companionship or in community, interest me. What is it that disturbs the ability to relate to each other with open hearted interest and mutual respect, with compassion and kindness, those are the confusions I’d like to see cleared up. I think we can get to a shared awareness that allows for the kind of relating to each other that will pop the bubble and break the spell, that will dispel confusion, clear the air and smudge the boogies right out of the dark corners. I’m optimistic about our chances because you and your cohorts are so deserving of beauty, miracles and unconditional support. That which we truly deserve is probably politely waiting for us now and maybe always has been. It can be clearly seen through some of the windows in mind and if you’ll excuse me please I’m going out to play with them.


I can always count on you Cliff. This is lovely Thanks for helping clear the air. When you get done playing, if you want a place to display your craftsmanship, you know who to contact. : )


Yes, Cliff. Nailed it. This phrase truly sums up my core objective. As part of my Metta Sync transmutative and translational process (which I will leave below), I speak to this relational elegance, and inviting in its steady presence. I do not know you personally, but I love you for your wondrous depth that pierces through the muck. Thank you for bringing that to this nebulous table.

Metta Synchronization (Metta Sync, MS)

(a component of Supreme Harmonic in-Trainment)

{adapted 8/24/2022}

I am attuning synchronously to any and all harmonious frequencies, wavelengths, vibrations, sentience and information associated with the consciousness and beingness associated with (insert energy) in alignment with my Inner Guidance and the Supreme Consciousness and Beingness of Universal LAW, SPIRIT, INTELLIGENCE, GNOSIS, LOGOS, TRUTH, THOUGHT, BREATH, PURITY, SOUND, LIGHT and LOVE.

I am neutralizing any and all disharmonious frequencies, wavelengths, vibrations, sentience and information associated with the consciousness and beingness represented by (insert same as above), with the collective wisdom, support, benevolence and Metta (loving-kindness) from the Supreme Consciousness and Cosmic Natural Order, with compassion for myself and others and forgiveness of myself and others, as well as faith in Infinite purification, renewal and restoration of any oppositional, discordant, distorted and/or limiting frequencies, wavelengths, vibrations, sentience and information as they relate to (insert energy) consciousness and beingness.

May it be so in any reality, permutation, matrix, layer, form/waveform, image, expression, perception, paradigm, definition, spelling, time, space, place, direction, grid, template, system, base, current, circuit, chakra, nadi, meridian, density, dimension, galaxy, code stream, plane, realm, soul/oversoul, soul code, monad, force, miasm, meme, node, null, portal, ley line, membrane, ray, octave, tone/overtone, chord, fractal, sphere of influence, oscillation, vortex, vector, angle, phase, polarity, potency, intensity and degree.

May this information be received, assimilated, metabolized, integrated, retained and anchored in my Cosmic Light Body, Quantum DNA, tachyons, transposons, radions, sygons, solitons, bosons, muons, taons, quons, bions, pions, etherons, introns, holons, mesons, magnitons, subtrons, gravitons, deltrons, perceptrons, fermions, quanta, neutrinos, quarks, electrons, protons, photons, fluxons, phonons, plasmons, magnons, polarons, helicons, excitons, cells, Physical Body (including all mitochondria, DNA and RNA and all of their operating systems), Mind (conscious, subconscious AND unconscious) and Spirit, as well as ALL energetic fields – bioenergetic, electrical, para-electrical, magnetic, sonic, infrasonic, ultrasonic, unisonic, syntonic-diffusive, solar, nuclear, thermodynamic, gravitational, pyroelectric, piezoelectric, scalar, cymatic, morphic, logomorphic, toroidal, auric, etheric, manasic, buddhic, astral, plasmatic, bioplasmic, telluric, templaic, holographic, semantic, supramental, superliminal, superluminal, transluminal, interdimensional, multidimensional, hyperdimensional, supra-Laplacian, subquantum, Zero Point and Quantum – with optimal love, coherence, purity, grace, simplicity, ease, elegance, gentleness and TLC.

May this alchemical transformation be manifested, implemented, embodied, locked, sealed and recorded congruently and transparently in any and all Cosmic awareness, and may it flow and adapt optimally in accordance with my Inner Guidance, my Fascia Crystalline Network, the Crystalline Grid, the Magnetic Grid, the Infinite Mind, the Infinite Blueprint, the Infinite Body Template, the Infinite Spiral Dance, the Infinite Axioms, Infinite Hierarchy, Infinite Law, Infinite Vibration, Infinite Timing, Infinite Rhythm, Infinite Resonance, Infinite Order, Infinite Balance, Infinite Economy, Infinite Possibility, Infinite Actuality, Infinite Evolution, Infinite Grace, Infinite Purity, Sacred Neutrality, Sacred Union, Quantum Locking, Quantum Vector Potential, Scalar Superpotential, Phase Locking, the Fourier series (including all Fourier forms and their inversions), DNA Centripetal Negentropic Implosion and the Will of Infinite Nature, and in concert with the Cosmic Symphony.

May it be so now and infinitely, with sincerity, gratitude and devotion, AND may this sacred attunement be optimally and effortlessly shared with any and all beings (physical and metaphysical) whom I love, and with any and all of my soul incarnations, soul lineage, and ancestral lineage – in alignment with their respective Resonance Archetypes, Infinite Selves and Supreme Consciousness gifted Free Will – and subsequently among any and all other beings who choose to evolve harmoniously in alignment with the Supreme gifted intention of the consciousness and beingness of (repeat as above).

May this harmonic manifestation penetrate and dispel any imprinted and constrictive overlays such as Metatronic grids; instead resonating symphonically and eternally in accordance with the consciousness and beingness of the Archimedean solids and Platonic solids, the Star Tetrahedron, the Flower of Life, Fibonacci/Phi/Fractal templates, Ancient Solfeggio, Phase Conjugate Plasma Coherence, base-360, Trion-Re, Vector Equilibrium, the Original Full Human Blueprint, as well as all other Cosmic Equilibrium consciousness, Cosmic Lattice consciousness, Heart Grid consciousness, Sovereign Integral consciousness, Natural Law, Cosmic Universal Orchestration, and Supreme Universal LAW, SPIRIT, INTELLIGENCE, GNOSIS, LOGOS, TRUTH, THOUGHT, BREATH, PURITY, SOUND, LIGHT and LOVE.

Simplified version:

I am attuning optimally and infinitely to any and all frequencies, wavelengths, vibrations, sentience and information associated with the consciousness and beingness associated with (insert energy), in alignment with Metta Sync and my Inner Guidance. May it be so – in body, mind and spirit – with infinite gratitude, grace, TLC, abundance, compassion, forgiveness, love, light and joy . . . And so it is ~ in harmony with the Cosmic Natural Order and in concert with the Cosmic Symphony.


I do think the move towards a subscription/renter/service based economy is to exert more control over society within a cybernetic construct. And it is intended to be self-organizing.

As for creating new life or some “non-living information” coming into being, I’m a bit skeptical yet open to the possibility. I’m hesitant to conflate artificial systems with natural processes though. I know there are some wild ideas that are held by people in positions of power and influence but I also think many of these people are delusional. I don’t think they can actually do a lot of what they claim is possible. They can however, do a lot of damage in pursuit.

More than some non-living entity trying to come to life I tend to think it’s actually living beings trying to command and control life. And I know there is an element of trying to manufacture and direct evolutionary processes, which I’m not as up on as you. I’m sure my perspective will change as I learn more.

The reality is they are creating whole new “hybrid” materials that combine non-living and living materials so the line is going to blur. Who gets to call something living? How does that mesh with an animist understanding of life. There are all sorts of ethical conversations to be had, but they won’t be meaningful until people are educated enough to have an informed opinion outside what is fed to them by the media.


“In the future…Nanobots will infuse all the matter around us with intelligence…The whole universe is going to wake up …so does God exist? I would say ‘not yet’ “ –Ray Kurzweil, The Transcendent Man

Transcendent Man - Does God exist? - YouTube ;

“If you build it, he will come” – Ray’s Voice, Field of Dreams. Ray wants his daddy back.

I think the lines blurred long ago, learned from the Jonas Salk conception of ‘metabiology’ --parts is parts, see what sticks–and that the fundamental idea of ‘non-living’ species was already technologically considered obsolete in the ‘50s. Viruses are non-living, so those have been good reality lessons for me but really amazing lessons for material science and nanotech. Post-atomic 1950s Big Science, Space Race and all, just blew open the $pigots. It’s that crass to me—money, position, fame, and some extreme intellectual conceit and psychosis holding up that dog pile. Thank you all for your personal elegance, and please pardon this inelegant synopsis.

Anybody out there got a cornfield for Ray?

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What an honor it is to read your invocation Stephers. Thank you for sharing it here. I’ve had the great fortune to have read, or listened as they were spoken aloud, others like it only a few times in my life. Such Calls are gifts, and to receive them, to integrate and uphold them in appreciation is to become empowered when you surrender to the waves of reciprocal energy they call forth. A grandmother I know said about such Calls that listening to them, speaking or singing them, is like standing at the shoreline where the clean white foam of the breaking waves washes over your feet, cleaning and purifying you. She said you feel blessed, renewed, strengthened, and grateful that the immense power of the ocean could touch you so softly and yet move you so deeply.

Another said to me once, listen with your whole being, and then sing, with your entire being.

Life is listening Stephers, you are heard, seen and known. What a pleasure it is to witness when strength and power flow through the divine feminine with such clarity. :cherry_blossom:

If all the beauty in the world were mine to give, I’d give it all to you. :bowing_man:t2::feather::pray:t3:

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I look forward to hugging you one day soon in person . . . :yellow_heart:

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Hino of Leo Artese sung by Elaine Ricco
Viva the Queen of the sea!

moonlight made a silver ray
illuminating the sky
and the foam of the sea

a beautiful flash
the seaside
I see mother Yemanjá

Here it comes, here it comes
along with your mermaids
bless us Queen Yemanjá

owner of the waters
a mother
Oh! Janaina Odo Iya

enlighten my deep waters
so that I can decipher
the mysteries of my sea

my sea of emotions
the Queen comes to enlighten

the generating principle
fundamental love
pure and maternal

come and comfort
Oh! Janaina Odo Iya

generating principle
fundamental love
so pure and maternal

come and comfort
Oh! Janaina Odo Iya

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