Considering significance of "Rose" and "Linden" to Second Life World-Building Program

Taking another look at LINDEN Lab and Philip ROSEdale who created Second Life in 2003.

He studied physics at UCSD. Linden Lab - Wikipedia

Just wondering about the encoding in the names there. Rose / Rosicrucian

The greek mythology links the origin of the linden tree with the story of the fairy named Filira. Filira seduced by Cronos (metamorphosed in horse) gave birth to the centaurus Chiron and transformed herself in a linden tree. Another example of metamorphosis where a character has been transformed in a linden tree is the legend of Filemon and his wife, Baucis. Their marriage and constant love were a model and they wanted to remain inseparable even beyond death. Zeus transformed their house in a temple, Filemon was transformed in an oak and Baucis in a linden tree as a sign of gratitude for their hospitality. The branches of the two trees were united and became inseparable. According to the greek legends, the linden tree, was a symbol of marital love and of the perfect wife, of simplicity, innocence and kindness. Due to the perfume of its flowers, linden tree became in the Greek mythology the sacred tree of Aphrodite.

In the Hellenic period of Egypt, the masks of the sarcophagus of Fayoum were made of linden wood, which proves the sacred nature of this tree since ancient times. Herodot mentions the Scythian soothsayers using the leaf of the linden tree in order to obtain inspiration and to guess the future. Herodot also mentions a strange androgyne population, the enarei, they were claiming that they received from Aphrodite the gift of soothsaying and they were practising the divination with a linden tree bark.