Celo's "Beautiful Money" and Charles Eisenstein on Morphic Resonance

Ok, I’m going to share this here, but to be honest I’m starting to wonder what the point is, because there really isn’t any engagement with anything that I’m posting. Not sure why that is folks. Helloooo, anybody out there?

Listen to this about 5-10 minutes around timestamp 52 minutes 30 second.

I know the money stuff may be hard for people to grasp - especially as it relates to tokenization of values and collective consciousness management, but I do think there is something in this and the exchange Eisenstein is having here with Kamvar about aggression versus use of morphic resonance is interesting to me, especially in light of programmed environments through light and water - optogenetics / analemma water wand, etc.

Will “money” in some form be a biological regulating factor of group homeostasis?