Carnegie, the Peace Palace, and International Arbitration

I continue to think that Carnegie, perhaps even more than Rockefeller, paved the way for photonic existence. He was raised in Swedenborg’s “Church of the New Jerusalem” in Pittsburgh and his peace prize I sense is about cybernetic homeostasis that is meant to usurp the harmonies of Mother Nature and the Creator in the field of cycles.

The Smiley brothers were quakers and they met with Carnegie at Mohonk Resort near the Hudson in the 1890s. Those meetings tied the development of systems of international law were later transferred over to the Hague where Carnegie endowed a “Peace Palace.” My sense is that this is linked to UN SDG 16 - peace and justice.

I grabbed an article on the origins of the American Society of International Law, which I think will be the foundation on which global smart contract arbitration will be built.

Here is a panel on the Carnegie Endowment for Peace pushing the Japan Moonshot Project - live as an avatar by 2050. So much easier to control us that way.