Can we suspend stories?

Stories give us meaning. They ground us and they comfort us

No matter the story so long as there is one.

We cannot leave empty spaces.

Many of these stories scare the shit out of us, even the ones that ground us in some weird way.

Regardless of truth.

It seems to me our greatest fear is to live without established story.

We think that means being alone.

We are never alone.

But all these stories that ground us are tainted.

Every one!

We do our best to find the best but they all chain us.

And they make us fight.

They pile bundles of bullshit upon peppers of truth.

We know that’s true.

They all divide.

We know that too.

What if we could occasionally suspend these stories?

What if we could think and feel along side them?

Let them be like a first date?

What if we were to suspend these hand-me-down stories and their prescribed meaning, even just briefly?

What if the best parts of them are always and forever inside of us, regardless of story.

If we listen?


These lines really resonate. Also if we would hold multiple storylines at once as an observer.