Book Suggestion - Barbara Kingsolver "Unsheltered"

So, I read this book before the lockdowns and it could be considered kind of a “ladies who lunch” NPR book club book…

BUT - it is set in the NJ Pinelands, which I love, and the setting is a Utopian planned community established in South Jersey by Charles Landis near the Vineland School for the feeble-minded (eugenics) and it features Mary Treat, a 19th century female botanist/entomologist, who corresponds with Darwin among others. In the 20th century part of the story the son is a Harvard educated (and deep in debt) impact investor. The father has been pushed out of his former academic position to relocate to a school that is pretty much UPenn. Vineland was known for Welch’s Grape Juice (dry town) and dandelion greens. The plot in the 19th century revolves around a local rebel teacher who promotes Darwin’s theory of evolution and collaborates with Treat.

The Dupont MED plant at Deepwater with the Fluoride leak is about 45 minutes from Vineland.

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