Blockchain Cognitive Mental Models - NFT Personality Traits

I came across this paper from Humind Labs in Tehran. They are working in digital twinning and augmented reality. It’s actually pretty readable. It might be a good resource to push people into expanding the conversation away from just crypto-finance into larger even more sinister blockchain applications in Web 3.0.

“Personality Trait Badges
The learning agents recognize the personality traits of users from the memory pool. The personality traits are stored in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Furthermore, third party shell applications can issue personality trait badges. These tokens display the personality attributes of users, such as their personality type according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator [17].”

"This paper presents a modular cognitive architecture for application in the development of cognitive digital twins. The cognitive ledger is at the heart of this architecture. By lifelogging users and collecting their activities in the digital environment, it enables them to digitize their minds for usage in artificial intelligence systems. Moreover, it is evident that using blockchain-based decentralized infrastructure can ensure users on the security of their information. In other words, the cognitive ledger tries to model the user’s mind into immutable records in order to be used by current and future machines. The design and development of the shells utilizing the cognitive blockchain can be the topic of future studies. "

I think the meta-data tagging of personality traits is applicable to immersive media / spatial computing and transmedia storytelling. The AI can use the cognitive model to shape the identity of the person based on aggregated past experience and patterns discerned from cumulative responses to strategically-placed digital and real artifacts in the environment.


The knowledge codification agents sounds very similar to ADL/xAPI.

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The first human-centric blockchain

So, after I watched the video you shared @stephers about the creation of “life” from primordial particle movement (this is what I’ve been trying to explain @leo about Laszlo’s hypercycles).

I saw this other video on robot-enabled interspecies “cooperation” among bees and zebrafish.

Note “consensus” in image above.

Now look at the slide from the blockchain identity presentation you shared @stephers. Note the use of Lego mini-figures, too. “Proof of Person” consensus.

This is all about interspecies swarm behaviors towards the singularity.

Oh, look - Microsoft’s “Octopest” (Soutlbound Token paper co-author) telling us we need to “formalize” people to protect them from predatory capital interests.

@leo see above quote - can you see biosphere man in the environment in this?

Wow @Stephers - this is big.


Totally, ‘formalizing’ people of course means a mathematical representation that can be tracked in perpetuity.

Starting to look in to Idena thanks @Stephers @AMcD .

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