Benefit Corporations - Vehicle for P3 Stakeholder Capitalism

Benefit corporations will be the hybrid entity to restructure public services as investment opportunities for private capital. B-Lab is the entity Rockefeller set up to review and authorize this new corporate system. They are based in Berwyn, PA just outside Philadelphia. I’m going to try and swing by there today. That image is from their 2009. The plan was to pass legislation in California, but it didn’t happen that way.

Someone updated the entry. Woody Johnson, heir to Johnson and Johnson fortune and trustee of Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, is a donor.

GIIRS or IRIS (rainbow) are the impact parameters for the game.

The co-founder Jay Coen-Gilbert has ties to KIPP Charter Schools. I think they want to KIPP the world.

I do need to get back to setting up a presentation on the Zen Brownie company run by the applied mathematics guy with the Trappist monks for “impact.”

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