Aviation - Aerial and Artificial Vision - Pilotless Aircraft

My pilot friend Mike Yanez sent this:

Xwing Expands Cargo Network To Advance Pilot-Free Operations

“As daunting as that challenge is, Xwing’s ultimate goal is to use aircraft without onboard pilots to fly passengers.”

Yanez capstone project on Aviation and the Great Reset:


Part 1 :studio_microphone:

Part 2 :studio_microphone:


Thanks for this @ldaven. I know that Dallas is a center for distributed autonomous transport, including that Uber air taxi service. My gut tells me that beyond automating people out of jobs, they will equip these new planes with tons of sensors that will be used to boost artificial vision algorithms and maybe even grab aerial data for impact deals as a double dip. @leo

Planes are used for remote sensing of agricultural land, just as the satellites are. So I totally imagine that they would double dip to collect that sort of data.


Real Time movable data tracking – the Liquid Brain! George Gilder predicted in his Telecosm book that drones and planes would cover any problematic and ‘last mile’ land surfaces.


Wow Jen, I hadn’t heard of that book. Long article from Gilder from 1991 on need to transition to fiber (opto-electronics) and Negroponte’s role in that transition.

@leo I was just looking up your article to add Blockscience to my map and I noticed a screenshot you included featured Xwings - wonder if it is the same outfit?