Auto-ID Labs, Procter & Gamble Tracking Human Capital Via IoT - Ties to Severance and Food

I saw a thread on Procter and Gamble and ARPA. It’s so hard, because I was raised a P&G kid in the suburbs and now my dad is lost to Alzheimers and I can’t even talk to him about it.

I wanted to mention Auto-ID labs in case folks aren’t aware. It was the beginning of IoT and RFID tracking. P&G launched it with MIT’s support and now there are about a half dozen “labs” in Europe and Asia including one in Zurich. Kevin Ashton is the guy credited with the idea.

This is a link to their papers.

If you scan through it’s easy to imagine how the World Food Programme digital food access and UBI would mesh with those topics as well as circular energy economics.

2019 projects -

P&G was central to setting up Strive Together human capital markets in Cincinnati where they are headquartered with Steve Ballmer’s wife Connie (Microsoft).

Strive Together also set up a program to track social-emotional learning, which is both an impact market in character change, but also for machine learning.

All my Strive maps got deleted in the LittleSis purge. I do have some blurry versions which are still somewhat legible.

Hey @ldaven note Draper Kaplan Richard Foundation here.

I suppose we can see how Learning Economy Foundation’s “Learn Card” will play into the program - play games, “learn,” be learned by being machine readable, get tokens, buy food. I’m getting really sick to my stomach seeing the breadth of it.

In the second and third episodes of Severance they have the company scrip token vending machine and then the man who escaped the company who is being remotely targeted (blood coming out of his nose) is banging on the cold case of a mini-mart saying “I need tokens to eat. I need tokens to eat.” Then he collapses.

Horn and Hardart token food Philadelphia 1930s.

Not sure if this is a stretch, but I wonder if the ongoing dynamic between the guy and his neighbor over recycle bins could be alluding to nudge behavior according to rules. I talk about this in video about Ted Turner and recycle bank points.

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