Atomic Energy Commission and Biological and Psychological Field Manipulation

In yesterday’s talk I was excited to have a chance to speak briefly on the research Leo and I have been doing around metabolic energy economics pursued initially via the Atomic Energy Commission at Oak Ridge Labs, which led to the field of biophysics. I connected the radio-isotope tracking techniques that made energy transactions visible in ecosystems to the EMF devices we carry that make us visible in smart city environments.

Now, with the work @stephers is doing on Vorronoi and terrain mapping and predictive modeling applied not only to biophysics, but to regional planning and the built environment I see multi-sided polyhedra situated in dynamic planar (scalar?) / field relationships as standing in as representative of our digital twins with regions of influence that are dynamic and in motion across the fourth dimension.

Thus the “nudges” aren’t just coding the money in our digital wallets, but could be frequency modulations of our own minds or those around us, so subtle we may not notice that make our “crystalline” representation conform to the patterns needed to fit the tessellated pattern of the desired socio-technical artifice they seem to be making up as they go along.

I sense that deflection in our digital twin “crystal” representations can be initiated in the material or immaterial realms. @leo

And the medium is the message @stephers - archetypes
Which loops me back to the Mellon family’s acquisition and republication of Jung’s writing in addition to funding the National Gallery of Art.

"Although the Bollingen Foundation was greatly influenced from its beginning by an international network of Jungians with whom Mary had come into contact and never relinquished its commitment to the work of Jung - and to myth, symbol, the occult and the esoteric tradition - its interests also extended in other directions. As time went on, the foundation increasingly ventured into the scholarly disciplines of archeology, art history, literary history and criticism, literature in translation and cultural history. Mr. McGuire estimates that over the course of the foundation’s existence, about one-third of the books published were by Jung or Jungians, while fewer than 1 in 10 of the fellowships Bollingen awarded for study by scores of scholars went to Jungians.

NONETHELESS, what one senses in Mary Mellon’s ambitions for Bollingen is the overwhelming importance of Jungian ideas and the international intellectual network that centered on Jung. Without her determination and energy - and her husband’s fortune - it would not have happened. And had it not meant so much to her, it is doubtful that Paul Mellon would have financed the foundation as a memorial to her after her death in 1946."

"Because Mr. Paul Mellon brought Titians and Leonardos and Manets and Cezannes and Botticellis and on and on into a handsome, pink marble building on the National Mall for millions of Americans to enjoy - and why? - because Mr. Paul Mellon, shy, good-looking, gracious, and very, very rich, was a passionate believer in pleasure.

RICHARD: He took care of his pleasures. He really did. He once said, celibacy is not my favorite virtue (laughter).

: (Laughter) Paul Richard says Mellon was full of memorable pronouncements."

Concepts related to this:
Management Theory
Organizational Theory
Socio-technical Theory
Group Dynamics
Psychological Field Theory
Biological Field Theory (Friz Kunz)
Kurt Lewin
Eric Trist
Fritz Perls
Jonathan Moreno
Timothy Leary’s Psychlotron
Physics Consciousness Research Group
National Training Laboratory for Group Development
Macy Conferences

I am placing here a link to a publication @leo shared with me about a meeting in Puerto Rico in 1957 sponsored by Brookhaven National Labs and the Atomic Energy Commission to explore peaceful use of nuclear. The Odum brothers irradiated the island’s sacred mountain forest around that time.

I feel like the tag and trace of the forest ecology has direct relation to the manipulation of our crystalline representations - alchemical manifestation via photonics and wave forms. They will seek to control us through the data that reshapes the crystalline structure in the Voronoi box (Skinner box, or like the father trapped in the glass cylinder on Kamazotz).

That data will be acquired through"health and human services." Stewards of Change and the National Interoperability Collaborative and the Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust are leaders in this area. They held a meeting on data interoperability and innovations in public health and social welfare at Johns Hopkins in 2017. Funders of the interoperable data efforts are Kresge and Bloomberg. They are after the granular data sets linked to programmable money and services and wearable tech, including mental health - biological field and psychological field.

Milton Eisenhower, advisor to his brother DARPA Ike and JFK and Johnson, was president of Johns Hopkins and host of the “peaceful” nuclear event in Puerto Rico. This is significant IMO. For that reason I’m pasting in the information below. H/T to @leo for bringing these two documents to my attention. This will be of interest to you @jenlake.

The office (storefront, probably just a mailing address) is a little building in Centerport, NY on Long Island about 35 miles due east of Brookhaven Labs.

Some additional information:

Stewards of Change had a conference at Johns Hopkins - the National Interoperability Collaborative - biophysics and public health combined with some esoteric shit. This was really important. References Bloomberg financial support of public health.

It strikes me that HIMSS is really about biophysics track and tracing and remaking “reality” in a digital simulation.

When I was at Johns Hopkins last month I saw that the library was named after Milton Eisenhower.

(Milton) Eisenhower served as Director of Information for the U.S. Department of Agriculture from 1928 to 1941, where he was a spokesman for the New Deal.

He managed Japanese internment. “Eisenhower resigned after only ninety days, and from June 1942 to mid-1943 he was associate director of the Office of War Information.[2]

In May 1943, (Milton) Eisenhower became President of Kansas State University (his alma mater), a position he held until 1950.[3] During this time, he also served as the first Chairman of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO.

In July 1956, Milton Eisenhower assumed the presidency of Johns Hopkins University, succeeding Lowell J. Reed. (Quaker University)

The primary research facility at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory was previously named the Milton S. Eisenhower Research Center (now the Research and Exploratory Development Department).

He served as a presidential advisor in the administrations of his brother Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953–1961), John F. Kennedy (1961–1963) and Lyndon B. Johnson (1963–1969).

Remember I was at Johns Hopkins talking about Quakers and Sea Urchins (Voronoi and bio-mineralization) a few weeks ago.

Saving the videos from the 2017 Stewards of Change symposium at Johns Hopkins for future reference - they are unlisted.

Welcome JHU Dean of Public Health

Welcome Daniel Stein Stewards of Change

Stewards of Change and Academy Health

Data sharing

Data and Opioid Crisis

Applying AI to Social Challenges

International Health and Social Care Integration

Federal Updates (2017) in Health and Human Services

Accelerating Progress

Panelists: Annet Arakelian, Executive Director, Medicare Strategy at Kaiser Permanente
Kate McEvoy, Director, Health Services, Connecticut Department of Social Services
Uma Ahluwalia, Director, Montgomery County, Department of Health and Human Services
Rasu B. Shrestha, MD, MBA, Chief Innovation Officer, UPMC, Executive Vice President, UPMC Enterprises
Responder: Thomas Novak, Medicaid Interoperability Lead, Office of Policy, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT
**Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust (This Is Big!)

SOCI 2017 - Day Two - Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust: A Unique Data-Sharing Initiative - YouTube**

Three California counties are working together to create a regional data trust to share information among multiple public agencies including Education, Public Health, Probation and Social Services. The current program silos, coupled with unresolved privacy issues, result in incomplete, fragmented and disjointed service delivery for children, especially those living in poverty. A well-managed data trust can provide a comprehensive understanding of factors contributing to student failure and success. SVRDT, which seeks to improve the effectiveness of services and academic outcomes, is a model for improved data sharing and interoperability at work.

Moderator: Richard Gold, SOCI Senior Consultant, Child Welfare & Confidentiality Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust:

Marcy Lauck, Director III, Data Governance, Santa Clara County Office of Education, Founder and Co-Director, Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust

Laura Garnette, Santa Clara County Chief Probation Officer

My post on Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust

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This just reminded me of a Marc Andreessen interview were he defines money as “crystalized human effort”.

So I feel like that goes along with what your saying and helps explain how this transition of money is about directing human effort in this ‘new’ system.

Definitely, in the physical sense it gave them access to a much more detailed picture of the chemical movements through biological, ecological, atmospheric and industrial processes. Which allowed them to see the ‘inner’ movement of things and metabolism. For example before radioisotopes there was not a ‘complete’ understanding of how carbon dioxide was transformed into sugars in photosynthesis.

M. Eisenhower seems like major link. It appears he was president of John Hopkins at the same time that Bentley Glass was doing his AEC funding fruit fly irradiation as well.

Broadly it seems that the picture being painted is that applied biophysics, psychology and parapsychology (which I know isn’t the right word for the Jungian work, but you get what I mean) have basically been consolidated into the digital-cybernetic paradigm to modify and control people in highly complex and sometimes unclear way. With impact finance being a way to incentivize data collection and provide a legal foundation for digital identity.

Let me know if I’m missing a major part of what your saying here.

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Yes - that’s it biophysics and psychological field theory, I guess I was drawn in by the idea that your digital twin would be like a mini Barbie doll version of a person, but of course in thinking more about it, it would probably actually be a complex abstracted energetic representation - a crystal resonating with other crystals. I fee like this is where MK Ultra / Projects Bluebird-Artichoke meet radio-isotope tracing all of it against the backdrop of idealized 1950s consumer culture.

I’m hoping after the Atomic Ecology talk we can dig into Voronoi more. Thanks for the video. I’ll watch it and maybe try to pull that crystal comment as a clip.

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