Anne Heche - Aurora, Cleveland, Kubrick's The Shining, Room 237, Room 13, Luna Moth (pupa, chrysalis, emergence), and Magenta


Note: Anne Heche was born in AURORA (Ohio) — Cleveland suburb (also linking us back to the new Cleveland-based, magenta-centric TV series, Paper Girls — hallmarked with the time-traveling magenta light/aurora).

Comparing Anne Heche August 2022 accident photos/footage to the bathtub scene in The Shining (the only version I can find for free is the “clean” TV version)

First watch the scene from The Shining: "The Shining" on ABC (Room 237 - TV Version) - YouTube (edited out the nudity for TV viewing).

Then watch the Anne Heche Mar Vista car accident scene (“Heche" on the stretcher, “emerging” seemingly naked from the white sheet/body bag, akin to the white curtain in the bathtub scene with the young woman who morphs into an old woman with burned flesh — potentially invoking chrysalis/pupa/moth symbolism — see below).

See the “39” (backwards 3) on the firetruck beside the stretcher (could also be seen as 36, 63, or 93?). The Shining scene is in room 237 (the 3 and the 2+7=9).

Similarly, it was reported that Heche was working on a sex trafficking film, called Girl in Room 13. Incidentally, Heche looks conspicuously like the young woman (Lia Beldam) who played the ghost woman who emerges naked from the bathtub (AKA Girl in Room 237).



Are we seeing a human body here?


Also, the Room 237 bathtub scene evokes the LUNA MOTH (celadon GREEN with MAGENTA, and the notion of Luna, as in moon, LIGHT) . . . And Anne Heche below appearing a bit Luna-mothy (pupal-ish???), and then magenta-forward.


Consider, too, the parallels to The Mothman Prophecies. (Mary = Mar)

Washington Post columnist John Klein and his wife Mary are involved in a car accident when Mary swerves to avoid a huge, flying, black figure. John survives the crash unscathed, but Mary is hospitalized. There she is diagnosed with an unrelated brain tumor and shortly thereafter passes away. John discovers her sketchbook of terrifying drawings of a “mothlike” creature with red eyes she drew over and over while hospitalized. (my emphasis)

Magenta juxtaposed with emerald green…


See the SIRIAN in the image below? Does this image invoke wings around mother/son? Does the “Chris” signify a chrysalis?


Notice magenta and “Parasite”…


Anne Heche with son, ATLAS (collared shirt)…Resembling Laura Linney (from The Mothman Prophecies)?

CORRECTION: Her son shown here may be her older son, Homer (NOT Atlas)?


BOY in The Shining - APOLLO 11 sweater (collared shirt)…


Peacock TV’s Paper Girls — magenta curtain/portal/doorway (Cleveland-based, lesbian-forward — echoing Anne Heche’s history)


Notice in the car crash reporting here the green/magenta side-by-side juxtaposition — with the bright yellow.

Video footage released from the Anne Heche car crash revealed damage to the home in LA from the Aug. 5 collision. (Lynne Mishele)

For later discussion (potentially pertinent)…

A Pattern for Life : Julius Stulman : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Emergent man; his chances, problems and potentials : Stulman, Julius, comp : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


Girl in Room 13 Trailer

{There is plenty to decode in the trailer above. One notable moment is at the 1:36 timestamp (watch in .25 playback for slow motion) ~ The positioning of daughter and mom seems to echo the positioning of “Heche” arising/leaning forward on the stretcher; there is a white blanket off to the left side of the scene; and the “MOTEL” sign in the upper right only displays the MOT, and part of the “E” - almost appearing as if to say “MOTH” (circling back to the moth motif above.}

Polaris PSA

He is a 1976 graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University and worked in Dayton, Ohio and his hometown of Cleveland, where he began his editing career, before working in Boston.

In 2013, Moore received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and in 2012 he was awarded the Benjamin C. Bradlee Editor of the Year Award fromThe National Press Foundation.

He has served on the boards of NABJ and the American Society of Newspaper Editors. He was a member of the Pulitzer Prize Board for nine years and the last year co-chaired the board with Thomas Friedman, columnist for The New York Times. He is a trustee at the University of Denver, is on the board of The Boettcher Foundation and chairs the Delta Eta Boulé Foundation, which awards scholarships to black males going to college. (my emphasis)

Why Give Crypto to Polaris

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Polaris’s constellation of crypto-givers – you – will fuel this preventative, empowering, and freedom-affirming work. (my emphasis)

Polaris North Star

Anne Heche ~ Butterfly/moth symbolism

Anne Heche ~ All-seeing eye signaling (with magenta encoding)

Motel Productions Inc, the company that produced the film for Lifetime did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

Girl in Room 13 is produced for by Motel Productions Inc for Lifetime. Tim Johnson, Stacy Mandelberg and Yvonne Chotzen serve as executive producers. The film is written by Maria Nation (The Gabby Douglas Story) and will be directed by Elisabeth Rohm. (my emphasis)

Father of Elisabeth Röhm ~ Note connection to Twin Cities and Color/Ink:

Family. Global. Siegwerk. Bring color into the world and help us to make the packaging industry sustainable and digital. We are a global family company that produces innovative, high-quality inks and offers you exciting tasks, great colleagues from all over the world and space for your own ideas. Become a Siegwerker and experience Ink, Heart and Soul! (my emphasis)

Motel Productions Inc. has collaborated with Little Saint Media (here and here).

Heart, Brains & Nerve, a company founded in 2010 by Nathan Skillicorn, represents unique and innovative global talent for the commercial advertising and entertainment industries.

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Skillicorn is a proven resource within the industry and works tirelessly to secure the highest level of opportunity for his clients. He is both well-liked and respected, as evidenced by his impressive track record to date.

Skillicorn’s goal is to remain dedicated to greater accountability and intimacy with the companies he represents and with the advertising clients he serves. He strives to maintain a highly curated, boutique representation model in order to be closely connected and committed to the artists and companies he represents.

His company name sums up what he knows is necessary for today’s market -

Heart, Brains & Nerve.

(Little Saint James Island)

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Returning to Anne Heche…

Interestingly, it seems there may still be missing ONE KEY element of this story (perhaps the most crucial aspect) – David Manpearl: David Manpearl: Neighbor Hailed as Hero in Anne Heche Crash |

{See his LinkedIn profile below – paying very special attention to his work in real-time human position tracking; compositing software and plug-ins for the motion picture and broadcast special effects industry; creating ground station command and control software for missile defense system satellites; creating embedded infra-red detection, tracking, and communications software for the satellites; and creating programmable test stations for infra-red sensors.}

Could these types of skills could come in handy in particular situations involving wireless surveillance door bells and high-speed car crashes into Los Angeles homes?

From the Heavy article:

David Manpearl is credited with helping rescue Anne Heche after her car exploded after it crashed August 5 into a Los Angeles home. Manpearl aided a neighbor and tried to free Heche, who survived but suffered serious injuries.

“At about 10:50 a.m. I heard a car go speeding by and looked out my window, where I saw the car going about 90 miles an hour,” he told the outlet. “Within seconds, I heard a loud crash at which point I ran outside in my flip-flops because I knew someone was hurt and, boy, was I right.”

He lives about five houses down from the house where the fiery crash occurred, he told the Daily Mail, and caught the moments leading up to the crash on his Ring doorbell camera.

He told the Daily Mail that he rushed to the scene and found a neighbor outside.

“Before I approached the car, I saw the resident of the home standing barefoot in the debris. She was in shock and frantically asked me to help get her pets out of the house,” Manpearl said. “I was able to get the leashes for her two small dogs and escorted her out of the side of her house. She had her two dogs with her and a tortoise.”

David Manpearl told the Daily Mail that he did not think it was possible anyone could have survived the crash he witnessed.

Manpearl told the Daily Mail that he was unable to free Heche from the vehicle, and after she was trapped for about 30 minutes in the burning car, he thought there was no way she would have survived.

He said he found Heche, whom he did not recognize as the actress, trapped between the airbag and the seat of her car.

“I tried speaking with her a few times asking if she was OK, but she wasn’t responding so I had to get closer. I was able to open the back door of the car and crawled halfway inside,” he said. “This time when I asked her if she was OK, she said no.”

He told the Daily Mail that he and the neighbor were trying to put out the fire when firefighters arrived on the scene. The blaze had spread from the car to the house, he said.

“I was positive that the driver was dead,” he said, as rescue attempts dragged on. “That she had burned up. It took at least 30 minutes for the fire department to douse the flames, extract the car and pull her out of the car.”

Read more here about David Manpearl and his story about that day:
Thomas Jane who starred opposite Anne Heche in 2009 before becoming couple decade later pays tribute | Daily Mail Online.

See the LinkedIn profile for David Manpearl:

From his LinkedIn profile:

Senior Software Engineer at Other World Computing
Los Angeles County, California, United States

Wireless, embedded, plugin, and general multi-platform mobile application development focused on connected network solutions with imaging and location based systems.


Senior Software Engineer
Other World Computing
Jan 2022 – Present 8 months

Pixelmonks LLC
Mar 2005 – Present 17 years 6 months
Venice, CA
Founded a corporate entity in order to develop mobile applications and technically creative solutions in a seriously productive environment.

Senior Software Engineer
2016 – Nov 202 15 years
Greater Los Angeles Area

Director of Game Programming
Game Sports Network
Jul 2014 – Mar 2017 2 years 9 months
Provide mobile and server development, API design, centralized stats, scoring, and settlement algorithms, and game implementation for a new type of skill based fantasy sports app available for iOS, Android, and Web.

• Control Panel provides the capability to manage games, monitor purchases, and manage customer accounts. Implemented portions of the tool in node.js, angular.js, HTML5, and express application framework with proprietary algorithm for matchup suggestions pairing athletes based on historical game statistics and expected game performance.

Multi-Platform Application Developer for Spectral Software
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Nov 2012 – Dec 2013 1 year 2 months
Hollywood, California
Developed an open-source color predictor app for the Academy for the characterization of LED and other innovative lighting sources that builds and runs on 5 platforms including Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. I chose and implemented with JUCE, a cross-platform C++ application framework. Completed, delivered, and released as open-source ahead of schedule.

Mobile Application Developer for iOS and Android
William Hill
2011 – 2013 2 years
Las Vegas, Nevada
Developer of sports wagering applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry approved by the Nevada Gaming Board, Apple’s App Store…

Level 8
2010 – 2013 3 years
New York
Responsible for development of connected location-based mobile solutions on iOS and Android platforms in an Agile development SCRUM anchored team.

Developed Linked Lite and Linked Pro, responsible for the UI and all of the License Verification Library (LVL) implementation for management and security of sales.

Mobile Application Developer – iOS, Android, BlackBerry
American Wagering, Inc. (AWI), Computerized Bookmaking Systems, Inc. (CBS)
Jun 2009 – 2012 3 years
Las Vegas, Nevada
Sole developer of all mobile applications on multiple platforms providing secure location verification and live sports wagering.

Sr. Software Engineer
iMatte, Inc.
2001 – 2012 11 years
Chatsworth, California
Developed real-time masking solutions on servers, wireless, and embedded devices for tele-conferencing, digital projection enhancement, and image compositing in infra-red and visible spectrums. Created human-mouse functionality and USB HID mouse emulation based on real-time human position tracking.

Sr. Software Engineer
NorBelle LLC
Aug 2006 – Jun 2007 11 months
Worked with a close-knit team to create a real-time GPS location based tracking and map display system on wireless cellphones deployed on multiple platforms. Enabled parents to follow the exact movements of their children and businesses to follow the progress of their mobile assets.

Sr. Software Engineer
Ultimatte Corp.
1995 – 2001 6 years
Chatsworth, California
Wrote image processing and compositing software and plug-ins for the motion picture and broadcast special effects industry. Deployed security protected profitable products on Linux, Mac, Windows, Irix, and Unix. Libraries and plug-ins I created are used in many of the post-production facilities in Hollywood.

Sr. Software Engineer
Hughes Aircraft Co.
1983 – 1995 12 years
El Segundo, California
Worked with large and small teams to create ground station command and control software for missile defense system satellites following ISO 9000 standards. Created embedded infra-red detection, tracking, and communications software for the satellites. Created programmable test stations for the infra-red sensors.

University of California, Los Angeles University of California, Los Angeles
MS Physics
1986 – 1988
University of California, Los Angeles University of California, Los Angeles
BS Physics
1982 – 1986

For further exploration:

“Anne Heche’s Stubborn Incandescence” (August 16, 2022)

SO much to decode in the article (and accompanying image of Heche) – all revealing intense clues with respect to color (mainly, magenta), light, music, mind, energy (oil/gas), HIV/AIDS, Aurora/aurorae, other worlds/inner worlds/parallel worlds, twinning, mirroring, torus/donut/vortex, and TIME.

Was (is?) Heche a synesthete (one who experiences synesthesia)? (Potentially circling us back to the synesthesia work/research of David Eagleman and John Jacobson – mentor at the Salk Institute of James Holmes/Batman Dark Night Rising?) Keep in mind her car crash narrative involved a bright blue car (primary shade of blue) and a bright red (primary shade of red) wig (that she bought from Mr. GLASS at his shop – hinting at Looking Glass???). {BLUE + RED = Magenta}

Could the Salk Institute’s work with “viruses” be connected in some way to color/light/synesthesia (as in mirror neurons/pheromones as frequency/wave signaling)? Something tells me that viruses/exosomes/cell debris (and illness in general) has more to do with the spectrum of light/radio/electromagnetic waves and photons/optics than notions of infection and immunology. Perhaps even the toxicology paradigm (of which was my focus) did not go far enough (?). Could it be that the concept of “contagion” lies more within the boundaries/paradigm of synesthesia (including vicarious perception)?

See vicarious perception and yawning here: Explaining mirror-touch synesthesia - PubMed.

As I lean into this uncharted territory (that I am attempting to lay out) . . . Perhaps this recent media story offers us some embedded clues:

TikTok is giving teen girls Tourette-like tics, doctors say (clock the VERY bright colors)
The Girls Who Caught Tourette's from TikTok | Psychology Today

The real story behind the “TikTok tics” - Scienceline (see the magenta?)

Note: The author of the April 2022 article is Delaney Dryfoos. That brings to mind the following individual (who happens to be based in West Palm Beach – home to Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump – and previous home to Ronald Gisondo – ocean engineer/submarine communications father of actor Skyler Gisondo – starring in the current Peacock TV series, The Resort, as I referenced in comments above): (all bold is my emphasis):

Dreyfoos graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1954 with a BS focusing on electronics, optics, and physics, assisted by MIT financing after the death of his father.[2] Having also completed ROTC, Dreyfoos then served in the U.S. Air Force in Sembach, Germany, 1954–1956, commanding a 40-man photo lab critical to reconnaissance missions at age 22.[3] Returning home, under the GI Bill he earned an MBA at Harvard Business School in 1958.[4] Dreyfoos earned his pilot’s license in 1960, and multiple ratings over time including airline transport pilot (ATP). He has owned six airplanes, including two Citation jets, and two turbine helicopters, all of which he flew single-pilot.[4]

Dreyfoos founded Photo Electronics Corporation (PEC) in 1963, with George W. Mergens, to address problems in color print reproduction. They developed their groundbreaking Video Color Negative Analyzer (VCNA) in Dreyfoos’ Port Chester, New York basement, then set up a factory in a former church in Connecticut. The VCNA was marketed worldwide by Eastman Kodak Company.[5] Dreyfoos moved PEC to Florida in 1969, and in 1970 a motion-picture version of the VCNA earned an Academy Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.[6] From 1990 to 2006, the VCNA was part of the “Information Age: People, Information and Technology” display at the American History Museum of the Smithsonian Institution and remains in its permanent collection.[7] Dreyfoos later invented the innovative LaserColor Printer and assisted his son, Robert Dreyfoos, in developing a digital version of the VCNA for PEC called the Professional Video Analyzing Computer (PVAC).[8]

Dreyfoos holds ten U.S. and many foreign patents covering his inventions. Dreyfoos owned television station WPEC TV-12, the ABC affiliate in West Palm Beach, Florida, from 1973 to 1996. Beginning in 1977, under his direction, his staff developed the world-class Sailfish Marina Resort in Palm Beach Shores, Florida, which he sold in 2004.[9] It was the success of PEC that enabled these purchases, and their subsequent sales that enabled Dreyfoos to practice philanthropy, for which he formed The Dreyfoos Group in 1996.

After founding in 1978 what became the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, Dreyfoos led efforts that culminated in the 1992 opening of the fully funded Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, cultural centerpiece of Palm Beach County. He remained its board chair until 2007, and remains a board member for life and its single largest donor at $7,000,000.[10][11] As of June 30, 2016, the Kravis Center ranked in theatre venue ticket sales #11 in the world, #6 in the nation, and #1 in Florida.[12]

To address his wife Renate’s motion sickness, Dreyfoos helped to design their unique SWATH yacht Silver Cloud built by Abeking & Rasmussen in Lemwerder, Germany. When launched in 2008, Silver Cloud was the first pleasure yacht with the SWATH design, first used for commercial vessels.[13] In 2015 Silver Cloud completed circumnavigation of the world after Dreyfoos went to extreme measures to travel safely through terrorist-controlled waters.[14][15] For part of the achievement, Dreyfoos received the World SuperYacht 2010 Voyager’s Award.[22]

Dreyfoos has been a photographer since childhood and is known for his travel and underwater photos. In 2015 he compiled 587 of his favorites in the book A Photographic Odyssey: Around the World with Alexander W. Dreyfoos (ed. Lise M. Steinhauer), with proceeds supporting the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County (ISBN 978-1-56352-110-2). In 2016 Dreyfoos commissioned his biography, Alexander W. Dreyfoos: Passion & Purpose by Lise M. Steinhauer and David Randal Allen, with proceeds to The Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. (ISBN 978-1-56352-9009).

Dreyfoos made the largest donation in Florida history to a public school when he gave $1,000,000 in 1997 to Palm Beach County School of the Arts, renamed Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts. His support inspired other philanthropists to fund scholarships and enhancements to the high school. The Dreyfoos School of the Arts has been consistently well viewed. Most recently (2016), U.S. News & World Report ranked it #10 in Florida public high schools and #66 nationally.[16][17]

With his financial commitment at its launch in 1998, Dreyfoos became the first founding member of the marine conservation organization International SeaKeepers Society.[18]

In 2004, Dreyfoos donated $1,000,000 to kick off support of Scripps Florida on the John D. MacArthur Campus of Florida Atlantic University in Jupiter, Florida. This biomedical research facility of the California-based Scripps Research Institute was joined by the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience, to which Alexander and Renate Dreyfoos also gave $1,000,000 in 2014. Dreyfoos was elected as trustee to both The Scripps Research Institute and Max Planck Florida Institute.[19][20]

Dreyfoos’ largest gift has been $15,000,000 to MIT for the Stata Center, which consists of two buildings, named for Dreyfoos and Bill Gates. Dreyfoos dedicated this gift to his late mentor and MIT physics professor, Arthur C. Hardy. Dreyfoos has also endowed an Alexander W. Dreyfoos Professorship at MIT’s Media Lab since 1995.[2][21] Dreyfoos’ relationship with MIT has been continuous. In 2013 the MIT Corporation named the auditorium atop its Media Lab Complex in Dreyfoos’ honor for years of service. He remains a Life Member Emeritus of The MIT Corporation.[22][23]

One of Dreyfoos’ donations to the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts was his funding of the George W. Mergens Memorial Organ, dedicated in 2016, a custom-made electronic virtual pipe organ with a massively parallel processing (MPP) digital computer.[24]

The Stata Center is home to the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS), and the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy. (my emphasis)–hardy/ (all bold below my emphasis):

President Arthur Hardy was born in 1895. He is best known for developing recording spectrophotometers and color analyzers. With Fred H. Perrin Hardy wrote the classic text The Principles of Optics.

Shortly after World War I, Hardy went to work as a physicist in Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories. When he moved on to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Hardy continued his spectrometry and color work but also found time to invent a novel instrument—a light piano. A 1931 account in “Modern Mechanix” describes the device in which beams of light and a photoelectric cell produce completely new sounds based on light. The heart of the “light piano” was a glass disc that had concentric sound tracks recorded into the medium photographically. This disc rotated rapidly in front of a photo electric cell. Light from a small lamp passed through the sound tracks, thereby generating currents in the photo-electric cell that are amplified and fed into a loud speaker. The pitch of each note was determined by the number of wave lengths on each sound track.

As chair of MIT’s physics department, Hardy created the Visibility Laboratory with Seibert Duntley in 1939. It was focused on applying optics to such problems as camouflage, misdirection of aerial bombardment, target location, and visibility of submerged objects at sea.

Circling back to the Peacock TV series, The Resort (referenced in my comment above)…

I think it is highly significant that astrophysicist Dagny Looper is the writer for the show:

About — Dagny Atencio Looper (all bold below my emphasis)

Dagny is Mexican-American and grew up in rural Arkansas where her grandparents ran the town’s local funeral home. As a high school senior, she studied cellular automata at the Research Science Institute at MIT and went on to co-win the prize for Artificial Intelligence at the Intel International Science Fair.

She earned her BSc in Astrophysics at Caltech, studying extrasolar planets. While in college, she captained a microgravity flight team onboard the KC-135 jet out of NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

She went on to get her PhD in astronomy in Hawai’i, where she started making short films and decided she wanted to tell stories inspired by science. She moved to NYC where she recently completed her MFA in filmmaking from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Dagny lives in Los Angeles where she works as a screenwriter. She is currently a co-executive producer on an unannounced show for Amazon.



NYU Tisch School of the Arts / directing / MFA

Institute for Astronomy / Astronomy / Ph.D.
Caltech / Astrophysics / B.Sc.
UCL / Astrophysics / exchange program

Caltech Ast Director of the Research Science Institute
MIT Research Science Institute Alumna

Hi Stephers, I am going to focus in on the tic toc Tourette’s condition in young girls. Seems to me that the covid-19 vaccine and the anxiety from 24/7 CV fear porn on msm has be missed. The c potion may be more in line with the cause. Easy to scapegoat social media as the cause to divert attention away from the vaccine. When exactly was there an noticeable increase in Tourette’s? The vaccine chambers opened the doors in March of 2021.

And yes there is so much more going on outside the church of virology. It was created by Empire like the Bible. Germ theory is the newest testament to control the masses.

Thanks Gino. I am interested in how far you get with this exploration…

Incidentally, both of my daughters (now young adults) were born with Tourette Syndrome (TS), and intense sensory issues/challenges (including OCD), with some synesthesia (still 'till this day). Neither was ever vaccinated, and both were born at home. Growing up, my brother had motor and vocal tics, but was never diagnosed; and my dad also has undiagnosed TS. So, TS is a primary interest of mine.

One phenomenon of note (as it is pertinent): When my girls spend time with peers who also have TS, they tend to pick up on the tics of one another - essentially, a “contagion” effect. It is like a mirroring effect. Sometimes, they also end up “swapping” tics - such that one tic could be present in one, and then gets switched out with a different tic that was present in the other. I could go on and on about the idiosyncrasies involved when those with TS spend significant time with one another. As one who does not have TS, as an observer, I find that these group experiences can seem like a cacophony; yet, at times, can also lean into a symphony (as the disorder can behave like a metronome - syncing the TS experiencers together). When my daughters talk about their TS - or hear someone else discuss their TS - their tics greatly increase. So, while there is an underlying cause/situation contributing to the condition (ie - lack of pruning of dendrites and/or other neuronal connections), there is also a suggestibility factor involved.

I should also note that use of any screen (TV, laptop, iPhone) or media consumption (ie - TikTok) nearly always increases motor and vocal tics (in my children, as well as all other TS children I have known).

Gino, this is one story that I had followed in 2012: Researchers say Le Roy Tourette's outbreak mirrors 1518 Dancing Plauge | Daily Mail Online. See the comments, as one commenter suggested the HPV/Gardasil vaccine as a potential cause.

To be very clear, I actually disagree with the conclusion of this analysis, but I am placing it here, as it raises the potential cause of vaccines:

Hey Stephers, hope all is swell in your neck of the woods. I will try my best at responding. When stories like this make it on msm you never know what spin is taking place. It is extremely difficulted with out having complete control of the study to be sure with what one is dealing with. Anything coming from main stream health and news is always suspect. Furthermore to make it on a talk show makes you wonder even more what’s up. My guess is if it is a real story and that is all; my guess at this time, would be environmental toxicity of some sort. Particularly in the case of 12 girls at the same school getting it that had no previous history of TS. My leaning is terrain so any kind of air borne virus pathogen does not compute with me.
My approach would be to look at yourself first, then look around at all man made environment toxins surrounding yourself that could be causing what ever illness. I think the genetic component could be real such as your two daughters and father having TS. It is hard to say though. I work with a young 30 year old man who has TS. He also has digestive issues too. This may have something to do with his TS. He was vaccine as a child though. Your daughters were not, so the vaccine poisoning is not there. Both your daughters having TS at an early age and your father, plus your brother is interesting. Was there any history on your fathers side before him of TS and who else as in your close family ties have it? Many questions to ask before any kind of conclusion can be made, but my main suspect is man made environmental toxicity. Does not necessary need to be a vaccine. The whole virus analogy most doctor make want to stop at the virus story. Concluding in most cases that a virus caused what ever illness. Thoroughly exploring the mind, body, spirit and environment toxicities as a whole is of utmost importance. And it is important to have lots a patience while one goes through the healing stages as it will take awhile.
German New Medicine aka GNM is a very interesting practice, which works on the psyche of the mind. Resolving pass emotional trauma to heal various illnesses. I am not an expert in it, but see the benefits it can contribute when working on the whole person.

Regarding the whole color, audio, visual subliminal exploration, is that I am still learning. I have always known it existed and now with the help of your guidance I can put a name to it.
It is defiantly rampant through all aspects of our society. Extensively used in the entertainment industry. Much of it targeting the minds of our young ones. New age music festivals I felt where very much inundated with all of Empires transmedia subluminal mind control programing. I did not see many popular festivals that where not employing these transmedia mind tools.
I do not know if I am anywhere near able to understand exactly, or decode what’s going on with all these subluminal messages bombarding our daily lives and the lives of our children most importantly. Not sure if it is really important to fully understand. Beware of it for sure and strategically find ways to pass it on to your loved ones without them thinking you are a wacko. For myself I reject it all. I can see it clearly and having some idea what to look for makes it easy to spot and not waste my time with exploring content further. Especially in the online space. I do not own a TV and hang out with nature lots so I am good.

I appreciate all of your insights, Gino.

I, too, lean into environmental toxicity (including EMFs) as a potential cause of TS (even if morphogenetically passed on from one generation to the other, and so on - not necessarily genetic in the most common sense).

Despite being a holistic healing practitioner (with a focus on detox) for the past 25+ years, the cause and “cure” for TS has still escaped me. With my daughters, in particular (without going into personal detail), we have explored potential spiritual/energetic causes as well (ie - past life trauma, mental/emotional trauma in this lifetime, etc), as that is also a huge component of the professional work that I do. Over the years, though, we sought out other alternative healing professionals for assistance, as I have been “too close” to the situation, so to speak. That said, my girls seem to trust me and my modalities a bit more than those explored with others.

In terms of accompanying digestive issues (VERY common with TS and neuro-divergent individuals) . . . Very early on, we determined that both of my daughters may have celiac/gluten intolerance (along with other food sensitivities). So, when they were very young, we removed gluten from their diet. We never went back. Even as young adults – able to make their own decisions – neither wants to resume eating gluten, as they suspect (as I do) that gastrointestinal issues may arise (which could actually take many months to resolve after gluten consumption). Notably, when they stopped eating gluten (I also did, in solidarity, and for my own health), the severity (frequency and intensity) of their vocal and motor tics decreased substantially from about an 8 down to a steady 3. So, their tics are quite manageable, and mostly “invisible” to those who do not know of their TS.

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful story Stephers. Life without despair is life not lived. How lucky you are to have had this experience.

Desiderata - last verse
And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.
Poem by Max Ehrmann 1927

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Returning to Anne Heche and synesthesia . . .

RE: Anne Heche, Wag the Dog, and Synesthesia in Ukraine (?) . . .

As we know, Anne Heche starred in Wag the Dog: Wag the Dog (1997) - Anne Heche as Winifred Ames - IMDb.

This was reported today (August 21, 2022) by the Kyiv Independent:

Chemical hazards will sound like church bells, radiation danger is an alarm bell, and the alarm to signal evacuation from the city sounds like a train horn.
11:05 AM · Aug 21, 2022·Twitter Web App

This gets precisely to my point (mentioned above – in the context of Heche) about synesthesia. Essentially, the culture creators/central planners are programming/imprinting certain sounds to be paired (overlapped via the sense of hearing) with certain events/scenarios.

church bells = chemical hazards
alarm bell = radiation danger
train horn = evacuation

One has to wonder why church bells – which we would imagine to be synced with something positive and happy – are being paired with chemical hazards (?) . . . Will Ukrainian children grow up to eventually associate church bells with chemical hazards (such that they will “hear” chemical hazards)? Notably, most chemical hazards (and of course, radiation) are invisible to the five senses. This is a key element to the entrainment. The fear factor needs to be ramped up via synesthetic induction.

I suggest this is an induction of a counterfeit version of synesthesia (sans color) – to ensure that the memory of this event becomes fully entrained (hence the use of sound which becomes a mnemonic device). Color has already been imprinted throughout this Wag the Dog Ukraine production (via the yellow/blue plastered everywhere and the olive green c/o Zelensky).

“Synesthesia: Why Some People Can See Sound or Hear Color
What can synesthesia, the bizarre overlapping of sensations, tell us about our future evolution?” (January 2021)
View at

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