Lost my shit at my grandmother’s retirement village when they had us jump through the biosecurity state hoops.


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Terrible. Holding our loved ones hostage.

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@ldaven Horrible.

About Us

It started with a mission in 2013 – a mission to protect those who are vulnerable – our seniors – and those who take care of them. Charles Mann, our founder, came from a family that had worked hard to protect and serve residents for many years in their senior living communities. Charles’s roots in senior living gave us a unique perspective on the challenges faced by senior living communities and skilled nursing facilities regarding the risks they encounter with the third-party caregivers and other visitors who enter and exit each day. Through constantly driving to improve vendor and visitor management processes, we built a system that today is the premier visitor management system for senior living, increasing safety and reducing vulnerability for seniors across our country.

Our first step was to remove the paper sign-in clipboard from the front of the community and replace it with the innovative Accushield touchscreen, badge-printing kiosk. The kiosk gave us a hands-on point of contact, ensuring that each visitor was accounted for by the community. Then, we evolved to use our kiosk to meet other safety needs – credentialing of third-party care providers, providing data for care coordination, creating evacuation management systems, proactively identifying the least visited residents, …. The opportunities never end, all within the scope of the original mission of keeping our seniors safe.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, we were ready for the challenge that it presented to our communities. We quickly added health screening features to our kiosk, enabling communities to efficiently take body temperatures, ask customizable health screening questions, and be alerted if an individual was not within health parameters set by community management. We added a mobile app to broaden access and speed entry. We added document management for vaccine and testing compliance. As a result, our communities expanded to use Accushield for another very important group – staff. The end result – each month, staff and visitors use our Accushield health screening features to perform millions of health screening checks, keeping communities safer and bringing peace of mind to residents, families, and staff.

The opportunities just keep emerging – what a great privilege we have been given! We love our role working hand-in-hand with the wonderful communities and staff members who work so hard to keep our seniors safe and vibrant. Our commitment is to never lose sight of the mission that we have embraced, a mission, through safety, to enhance the lives of those who have given so much to us.